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Jun 19, 2016 | 6:26 PM EDT
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Rated 2.88 / 5 stars
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This song is about my struggles with music. I've been making music for 5 years, and I devote so much time to it, like I've probably written at least 4 hours worth of music. Despite that, my parents and such think it's just a phase that will pass. They never give me any support or anything with music. Also, my music that I make has never been recognized, and no one's really liked it except me. My friends tell me of my "great talent" but they discourage me when I spend "too much" time on it. Sometimes, I've procrastinated schoolwork because I was making music instead, and no one ever likes it when that happens. Because of all that, I've almost completely given up on writing music 4 times. However, you must power through everything. The more you struggle, the more spectacular the final outcome will be. After every storm comes a rainbow.
The reason for the title "nothing special" is because that's what people have thought of my music for 5 years. They think I'm just like every other 16 year old who just got FL Studio for their birthday, but it's up to you to decide whether that's true or not.

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Nothing Special (Dubstep Version)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really enjoy this! The distorted 8-bitish sounds you use really fit with the message you're trying to get across.
Dude, if you can make stuff as good as this, you really shouldn't get discouraged. Of course, don't procrastinate schoolwork (and that's coming from me, a master procrastinator), but if you go on and trust in yourself, you'll get somewhere!

BTW English is not my native language so sorry for any grammar mistakes.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

There is a lot going on in this so. I would like the percussion to really come out. Just make that bass pop! There are a lot of good moments in the song. I'm no expert at electronic EDM style music but one of the common themes is heavy percussion and bass.

Also the melody is EXTREMELY heavy. I know that a lot of songs are heavy on the melody but thin out the melody a bit and give the listener time to breathe and process what they just heard.

Otherwise, I understand your struggle with music. I've been composing music since I was in high school and I'm now starting to sort of get the hang of it. A few music theory classes and orchestration classes will help you out a lot.

Music is a tough industry to be in. Not everyone is going to support your goals. just keep grinding and keep getting better. The road is going to be long for anyone who does music. Time weeds out the dreamers and keeps the believers


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

"So is it bad that they blend together? What do you mean?"

Yes it's bad. It means he had difficulty telling different parts apart. Your different sounds do not relate well to each other. It kinda muddies the whole thing up.

Your balance is wayyy fucked. Throughout the whole thing I found myself fading the volume up and down; your lead in particular is just wayyy to loud; it overpowers the other parts and quite frankly, makes it rather unpleasant to listen too as a result.

Like NevoMusic said; I don't mean to sound like a dick, or harsh... but you did ask for the advice. You stated you haven't done a lot on this track; but you also stated you're having trouble conveying a lot of emotion in your music... do you see the correlation? You can't just automate MIDI sequences and hope for the best. You need to shape the sound... you need to filter out harsh frequencies... you need to figure out how to make the end of a specific phrase really resonate with your listeners.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I agree strongly with the people from before but I'll see if I can find specific parts of your music to work on.
First off there is too much going on and all of the instruments blend together. (A few slow parts are good though.) The mixing is done poorly, some instruments are too loud some are too quiet, and the sound effect / percussion at 0:27 doesn't fit with the song, it's too loud and long. In general lots of your sound effects seem random and misplaced. The melodies don't really sound too good but they are OK (this goes up with practice). The sound design of your instruments is better than mine though, so some of the solo instrument parts sound nice.
All in all try doing something simple like chiptune and learn to structure your songs (slower notes and fast notes, not just fast notes) and you will see some large improvement. =D

NeuroPyrox responds:

"First off there is too much going on and all of the instruments blend together" wut??? So is it bad that they blend together? What do you mean?
I listened to some of your songs too see what's missing in mine, and I'll take your advice on practicing with chiptunes. Probably, I'll analyze and make an ep based off the Undertale OST.
Thx :)


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I think you will do well to follow the last reviewers advice because i would say the exact same thing. Music production is incredibly deep and i have only been at it for 3 years. I would suggest to spend most your time that you spend on making music on instead learning the following things: Music theory, mixing, your daw, sound design and of course arrangement of the kinds of music you enjoy. Youtube is your friend. For theory check out michael new

Start at the basics and work your way through gradually. He makes things easy to understand and actually quite fun. Your very young so you have lots of time to grow and get better.

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NeuroPyrox responds:

OMG Michael New is the channel I've been looking for for AGES!
Thank you so much. I'm probably going to binge watch his videos for the rest of the Summer!