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Chael - Nightmare

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Author Comments

The stress of exams and many other life conflicts got to me...

I wish to share those feelings with you guys through my most intense song yet. Maybe some will empathize with it. It is called Nightmare because someone had a nightmare after the first time he or she listened to it (he or she stable, don't worry about that lol).

Some of you guys may be surprised I made this, because of my usual progressive style.. But this track was purely emotions and it just came straight out of my mind.

Since a lot of of you are definitely interested in software you need to do this kind of stuff, here are the softwares/VSTs I used:
- FL Studio 12 (A Digital Audio Workstation)
- Serum (nearly all of the drop sounds made here)
- Massive (made like 1 sound with it because I am better with Serum)
- Sylenth (for the more house styled leads at the beginning)
- Orchestral (Self explanatory)
- Some drum samples, and obviously the scream (spoiler alert :P) etc.

I really hope you guys enjoy this track!!

This was featured on NeoMusika's YouTube page as a 360 vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49VB7VDWGm4

Thanks dude!! You will revolutionize audio spectrum videos!!

My Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/mike-bradley-c-music

My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzqdMtMSFnk9MO3AZ42k8qQ



Melodic tune in intro is a little irritating.
But Anyways, I like the build ups, ALOT. The sound design is pretty good too.
I like the melodic first drop, really catchy.
Third drop is my favourite, calm into a badass frenzy of... Serum... and Massive, I guess...
Outro was abit brief and could be longer and have more sounds.
But hey, good work man! ;)

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ChaelMusic responds:

Lol it could not have more sounds because Serum ate all the memory. Thanks for the review though!

I like the mysterious mood at the beginning. It has a great sense of climax starting at around :30. The gritty synths and ominous tone add a lot to the piece. The dissonant chords at 1:19 are awesome. The drop at 1:30 is great. Perhaps you could’ve brought the snare out a bit more there just to add that much more punch. The structure of this piece is a little bizarre. It has a lot of high-intensity content and not much contrast and relief. I don’t think you ever really had a proper breakdown or bridge to separate the first drop with the one at 3:00. That said, the mood and atmosphere really sell this piece. I wasn’t a huge fan of that piano sample at 3:27, and I think some of your other instruments could use a high-pass to limit distortion in the bass range, especially during the drops. Also, the ending felt a bit rushed. It might not even make a bad loop, even if 4-minute-long dubstep loops are a bit unconventional. It could also use some stronger melodic content. Overall, this is solid work. Nice job with the builds, transitions, and intensity. Keep at it, man. ;)


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ChaelMusic responds:

Thank you so much for the review!

I have gained a lot of mixing tips and insight that I cannot wait to try out, as I just got time to work on some of my projects (especially high passing). You caught the slightly rushed part (good for you dude). This track was made with a lot of pressure of final school assignments and everything in this track was only instinct. I did not really have time to think (saved that for the school work and it paid off). I don't know what makes this seem more like a loop; however, I completely understand the part about creating stronger melodic content. XD yeah I love the dissonant chords at 1:19 too :D
This could have used a breakdown, and I will keep that in mind in the future.

Thanks once again, and I would appreciate any other thoughts or responses that come to your mind based on this response through Private Message if possible.

Great judging by the way; this was very effective and the rubric idea is golden and useful.

Hey, Chael! Saw this for your NGAUC audition, so I thought I'd drop by and leave some words.

+ Crazy bass design
+ Shocking volume!
+ Fantastic structure and build quality

- Some harmonies don't mesh well with each other, dissonantly or consonantly.
- The melodic lines sound a bit amateurish, mostly due to emphasis of the tonic.
- I feel like this piece could have used a louder kick drum.

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ChaelMusic responds:

Thanks for your response, I am glad to hear this and I agree with the majority of what you said. :)

I am glad you enjoyed it.


Loving the basses and the orchestral parts!

Keep up the awesome work :D

ChaelMusic responds:

Thanks <3

Not gonna lie, I love this song. I saw it first on your SoundCloud. I'm new to making dubstep, cause I just got NI Massive a few months ago. (Although I have been doing electro and other weird genres for some time now). I know that my songs are not quite as professional sounding as this or other songs. I noticed that you have seen a few of my dubstep attempts, and I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to make something epic like this. (Also, I'd love to collab with you sometime).

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ChaelMusic responds:

Okay, I will look into some of your dubstep; I believe I already did at some point but I'll check again!!

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4.24 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2016
1:31 PM EDT
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4 min 4 sec

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