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Welp, this is a tiny adventure track. This song was made for the 2016 Art-Inspired Music Contest by Real Faction. The piece of art composed for was Jazlyte's "Sheepman Wheaties."


It's an old drawing from 2013 but I felt like it was necessary to compose for a work by an artist that drew in my Pico Day sketch pad. Kalen is one of those NGr's I've appreciated for a long time but never really expected to meet. He's working for Warner Bros now apparently. Congrats kid.

The drawing is about a sheep man, sitting in a cloud city, eating a bowl of Wheaties™, on a beautiful day. There were a lot of directions to go in and I chose to play up the techno vibes with a lot of chirpy arp synths. I also tried to keep things feeling organic and airy by contrasting those arps with soft evolving pads. There were very contrasting elements in the drawing so it was hard to pin a sound I wanted at first. The song really evolved around the complexity of the synth stack echoing that aeronautic machine world.

Propellerhead's Reason 6
ASIO Audio Card [does anyone not use ASIO?]
AKG 240 Mk II headphones [good]
Creative Inspire T12 speakers [decent]
3 separate 14 channel mixers [42 channels, 9 unused]
3 drum machines
6 Malstroms
2 Thors,
1 Subtractor
39 automation lanes
153 BPM [usually]
C Major

omg, c major. so uncreative, shoot me.

The wires in the back of the stack are so fucked because I used 6 Spider Merger/Splitters for side chaining all my drums to various other instruments. If anyone is familiar with routing analog, this much wire fuckery would have cost an arm and a leg. For funzies, here is an image from the stack:


That picture is just two drum machines. It's a lot of extra work to route all those signals but I like the control I get from neurotic signal programming. Easter eggs, look at that image damn it.

The speed shift around the end was a total accident while programming. I ultimately decided to keep it in because I felt like it added an interesting element to the track. Helps make it memorable. It can't be justified to the drawing other than by saying that was the one element that didn't match that I decided to keep. I could argue cloud city is falling or some plane is crashing somewhere but I'll be honest about the tempo shift. Total. Fucking. Accident.

Definitely not the first time I've done a tempo shift either so it's a little cliche for me. Let's call it a bias for now. Bias is a fair euphemism for cliche. Again, shoot me.

Final words, sorry if I talked up my track too much and didn't say enough on Kalen's drawing but he kind of had an authors comment section to write anything and he decided to write "Sheepman Wheaties." Simplicity at it's finest.

Didn't there used to be a character limit for these description blurbs?

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Hi this actually made me realize the reality of the artwork in that it's a sheepman eating Wheaties like wtf. That beep boop on the left is totes annoying, which is great. Y'know I really like your use of varying rhythms in all your works. Oh the song is speeding up and I'm not ready. Wait it just ended okay perfect. Anyways, that was fun! I just WISH there was a super obvious melodic line over the harmonic progression that I could follow because I'm cheesy. Okay goodbye.

Quarl responds:

love <3

Instant favorite! This is really good :D

Quarl responds:

Thanks nachos '~'

Holy shit Cory, this is sick! I feel really dumb that I didn't see this until now, I need to get back on the internet *_*

It so captures the vibe I was going for in the picture, especially all the chaotic future stuff I pictured going on outside of the park he's in. Fucking beauteous <3

Quarl responds:

Aw thanks Kalen, best compliments ^.~

A.I.M Judging Review
RF said that this is the most unique track he's ever heard in A.I.M.
Of the 338 audio tracks I've reviewed this is my first time I've heard something like this. Can't even properly put it into the genre.

If you didn't understand it already, I think this track is amazingly wierd. It gets to the point where I wish to unscrew your head to have a look at wtf went on in your head when making this XD (no offense ofc). This is the first time I've written a review and felt like the piece is simply beyond my comprehension. The synths are great the arrangement is wierdly spot-on and it probably is the art that I've felt fit the most with the art so far in the contest.
I wish, like RF said, that the synth in my left year had a bit more reverb on it. It's a bit plain as it is right now. Would be cool with a bit more sub as well.

Mixing: 4/5
Arrangement: 5+/5
Sound Design: 5/5
Art Relevance: 5+/5
Overall 4.75/5

Quarl responds:

Thank you so much for that review. I'm debating going back and fixing things up a little but when a track get's published it's so hard to go back into it. I have almost a month left, if I go back to add a sub bass and some reverb will senpai notice me? I just want senpai to notice me. Notice me senpai.

Hold on, I'm 27 years old. Am I senpai yet? Is someone out there waiting for me to notice them?

Listened to this in my van at work today! It sounded so fuckin' sweet! Some of your transitions really blew me away. Your shit was level too, I could turn the bass all the way up to max without the song sounding all jacked with my shitty van stereo eq which means your multiband compression is on point. Nice play here! This would play out very clear on a loud system.

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Jun 10, 2016
2:00 AM EDT
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