[Dubstep] Blurs - Original

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Finally I've finished a new track!

I've had very little free time but I'm going out of the country soon and in celebration I spent late hours working hard on this to finish it as it has been in the archives for a while and always loved it. So I solidified my ideas and finished it!!

Please let me know what you guys think! With every song I make i feel like I just get better and better and I get increasingly more proud of each new track.

I really hope you guys like this one!


I just need to find the ID to make a geometry dash level with this epic song

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trunotfals responds:

688285 is the id, and is there a way for me to play this???

The rhythm at the beginning is a little hard to follow, but I like the sense of climax and energy and how that eventually resolves into the tranquility at :14. The pace is a little slow for the next minute or so, and I think you could've condensed that section a lot, especially since the drop is so ephemeral (1:29 - 1:43). Then, you transition right into a build-up to another drop (?) at 1:59, which is heavier but not nearly as entertaining IMO. The structure is a little bizarre, and the part at 1:29 functions much better as a post-chorus (which is how you use it at 2:26). You seem to vacillate back and forth between drops 1&2 until the bridge/breakdown thing at 2:54. I think you could've condensed this piece into something more appropriately sub-4 minutes by solidifying the roles of those 2 drops (1:29 and 1:59) into the actual drop and a post-chorus. Right now the way you channel the energy in this track seems kind of out of calibration, if that makes any sense. Either way, I like the instrumentation and production quality. Also, I'm a fan of reverb-heavy endings, so that's a plus. Keep up the good work, Trunotfals! ;)

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trunotfals responds:

THe intention was to have a long intro, the whole song was inspired by Seven lions, essentially the song starts at like :50 where from there on out, its a pretty standard layout, save for the "fake drop" at 1:29 which has become somewhat of a signature for me in my songs, You can hear it in Revolution, Transcend, and I believe Never after. All of which have that "tagline" of sorts which I feel is a unique structure and satisfying to me. It's like a mini drop that isnt quite resolving unlike the real drop, which i try to make a complete resolution of tension. The fake drop is always messy and uncomfortable, yet intense and climactic. At least that is my intention. But I get why you think the form is weird in this, just try to imagine the song actually starting at :50, then it really is just intro, verse, buildup (including the fake drop imo) drop, breakdown (basically Drop A, B, the drops in this song are pretty extended) then verse, as it is the exact same form as the intro before, then another buildup or bridge, then drop, then outro. Pretty simple, the buildups are just weird because of that tagline I like to put in.

TLDR My intention was to have a climactic and very non-satisfying drop, that would not be interpreted as a real drop sense the tension is not really released, finally into a further build up of tension into another resolving drop, the real drop.

However maybe you're right an i did not execute in an effective way.

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Jun 9, 2016
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