A.I.M - Burning Witches Light My Way


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Avenging his daughter, he must travel far to the North. A Castle coated in Darkness.
Finding himself surrounded by his worst nightmares, but he has no other choice than fighting. He has nothing to lose now after all.

Losing his spirit to fight on, it seems impossible to achieve what he desires. Remembering what he is fighting for makes him strong again. Only revenge can soothe his heart and soul.

Going forward with his broken shield broken sword and new found hope, fighting off cruel Golems, Gargoyles and devilish creatures a man can not describe he enters the last hallway leading to the highest room in the Castle. Only to reveal the face of the murderer...


Check out Xephio´s sick art! His artwork inspired me and I have high respect for his work.



The overall sound is a tad tinny and some of the instruments sound a little over-quantized to me? Maybe even drawn in rather than played but I'm not sure. The composition itself is fantastic though. The arrangement is very strong with quite a lot going on but it never sounds too busy or messy, everything supports everything else, everything just does what it needs to without it feeling like it's just there to fill space and I really like your sense of melody.

Really good stuff :)

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Shozi responds:

thanks for the detailed review dude. im still struggling with the mix of my tracks, gotta figure it out tho. Im thankful for your feedback :)

A.I.M Judging Review
First of all, I want to say that I didn't feel like enough effort had been put into the intro. The track just suddenly begins without any buildup or forewarning. I agree with RF, something is missing in the beginning.
You certainly doesn't seem to have any problems with building up tension though. You do it in a great way throughout the track. Some of the instruments is a bit low-quality. Not much you can do about that, but I feel like the mixing could have been done better to compensate for the quality. The quality of an instrument is usually heard in it's hi-end, so if you want to turn a low-quality instrument into a decent one you need to mess a bit more with the hi-end.
There is also a slight problem with the violins on the short notes. Too short release like EDM said.

The track fits very well with the art. I've made it a rule to myself not to read the description of this tracks while judging them, because I believe great tracks are able to portray the art on it's own without additional text. You did this in a great way, and I didn't need to read the text to feel like it went well together with the art. Great work :).

Mixing: 3/5
Arrangement: 4.5/5
Sound Design: 4/5
Art Relevance: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

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Shozi responds:

awesome thanks a lot for the review Ectisity! Yes I think the hardest part for me in a track is the beginning, how to let it sound interesting from the beginning on. still have a lot to learn in that case. also mixingwise im still a newbie and dont really know how to get more quality out of certain instruments, thanks for the tip! Hopefully I´ll be able to use this new gained knowledge wisely in my future tracks. I am very happy with the overall judgement :)

Fantastic arranging, only the releases on some of the instruments are a bit too short. I actually think the choir could have a bit more high end on the EQ.

Violins at some points have too short of a release as well and stick out just a bit more than they should, especially on shorter notes.

So other than some mixing problems and uncanny valley synth instruments, this was a beautiful listen. Great chord structures as well, and it fits the art perfectly. Salutes to you. :)

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Shozi responds:

thank you very much! really glad you enjoyed it :) truely mostly i focused letting the piece harmonize with the artwork as much as i can. i hate mixing and thats why i suck at it. but well...a bit more practice and i should handle the mixing part some day :)

Holy shit, it's fucking awesome. No more words to describe it.

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Shozi responds:

thanks for the nice words man! really glad you like it :)

Sounds pretty good but there's something missing in the beginning but the middle feels fine. Though I would replace that drum (timbali I think it's called?) that big low end ringing hit. I feel it's a little too loud with a little too much low mid in it. The choir sounds great except releases too quickly, I would extend the time out so it sounds less synthetic.

Great piece overall just a couple things that takes away from it with the constant tone of that certain drum. Great job though, definitely reflects the artwork, great variation, great melody.

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Shozi responds:

thanks for the feedback! im pretty fresh in orchestra music so i thought i´d make some mistakes here and there. im glad you enjoyed the sound of it! still gotta figure out the mixing part tho...yeah i had to fight with the timpani, in the end i didnt even now if it fits right or not :s

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Jun 8, 2016
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