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Pure White (Shapes Reveal Themselves, Stirring Something Deep Inside Me)

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I really don't know what to think about this one. The title is such a
match to the impression that this song gives off that it's confusing...
if that makes any sense. I Can't decide whether I like it or not,
because I can't even fully identify what this is.

This sounds simple, but I never heard a song like it before.

absolutely beautiful

are you planning on expanding on this in a future album? or is this an outtake for tatd?

Cacola responds:

I did in fact have an album planned with this song, sort of an adjacent ambient album to go with The Angel The Demon. I haven't had any plans to go back and finish it yet but, I might actually have to change that cause I really liked the idea lol

Holy shit , awesome.
But for me , the best song i ever heard is still ICRMNICRMLAIKWTIWGFE

This is one of your best creations you ever did. No because it has many effects or it is your best song. It's because I know you made a environment hefty and disquieting that could hardly be done by anyone else. Also, the 'no final' end make the song more puzzling! I know that in other comment you said that you could make a history only in this project, and I'm totally agree with you. When I heard this song, I got intrigued in: First, what or WHOSE are those shapes belong?, Second, what is really the exposure of those shapes? betrays?, And third, the sound that appears on the whole song is very similar to the sound of the machines that people have in the hospital, the machine that says whether your heart is pumping blood or not and interprets it with sounds (I don't know the name) Why is that? (Other thing more, but this for sure doesn't have anything in common, the sound that I mentioned now is the same that is in your 20 minutes track, could this two songs be linked somehow?) I hope for your answer :)

Cacola responds:

Ok you want the backstory to this track, basically the idea for it came from this story I had in my head about two characters who know each other, one of whom's memory is totally wiped, not just amnesia, just straight up 100% any associations or knowledge are deleted, kinda like wiping a hard drive on a computer, nothing's left. And this song's meant to represent them slowly coming to consciousness facing the other character, and despite this other character's attempts to get through to them, they are obviously totally unaware of what's happening, and to them it just looks like "shapes" which they feel like should have meaning to them, but don't. The "hospital" type sounds you mentioned are meant to be the kinda ringing you get in your ear after you hear something loud, so it fading in is meant to represent the character coming to consciousness.

The 20 minute track is actually also about total memory loss, but in a different, more complicated way, in that it's also about death and the afterlife, but that's a whole other story I'd have to explain. But yeah, they probably do sound similar due to the concept being based around the same thing, but there's no intentional connection.

Hope that explains it! Thank you for the review, glad the track piqued your interests! ♥

Ffs, I apparently haven't been keeping up with my favorite artists, because this one completely passed me by.

First off, while I'm not against long tones, the one you used was just loud enough to be annoying, and the frequency was JUST barely enough to bug me. Replace it with a soothing saw, and you'd have a perfect track!

That said, this is a very good track! The tone does create an unsettling atmosphere. I really like it :D

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Jun 7, 2016
5:44 PM EDT
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