A.I.M. The Way Home

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Made for the Art Inspired Music contest.

Inspiring art used was "Carrie Me Home" by Clayscence

updated 9:20pm 6/6/16 adjusted volumes

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A.I.M Judging Review
Great, Great piece this :).
Mixing is pretty much flawless, thei nstruments are of a really high quality, and the arrangement is great. I love how the basic elements of the piece is the same throughout, but you make those subtle changes that keeps up the interest in a very good way.

Tbh, I don't really agree that this doesn't fit with the art. Sure there are some very subtle fantasy elements in the picture, but it's not in the focus at all. The song depicts the feeling of finally returning home after a long journey in a great way, so I'll personally give you full marks in that category.

I agree that the hi-hat sounds a little bit wierd though. Too me it doesn't stick out were it should. I believe that the hi-hat should shine in the hi-mid frequencies, but as it is now it'ssticking out in the low-mid section.

Arrangement: 5/5
Sound Design: 5/5
Mixing: 4.95/5
Art Relevance: 5/5
Overall: 4.9875

Personally, I couldn't really find any major faults in this.

cody104 responds:

Thanks a bunch , means a lot that you liked this song. When I can I'll see what I can do for the hi hat, The guitar used is an epiphone sst solid body acoustic electric, I always get great quality when I record with this axe, it's one of my favs to record with.

I can't hear what RF is saying about hihat. Sounds okay to me, other than sticking out a bit. Maybe it's too loud, or panned too far left. The song does very much sound like going home, but I'm not sure if it reflects the fantasy elements of the art.

Other than the above, the mixing of the song is pretty flawless. Very laid back. I like it. Just the hi-hat threw me off. Mic-ing on them is a little strange -- snare is far away from the hat.

I don't have much to say because I can't find anything wrong with the song. Considering it isn't my kind of staple music listening, that's saying a lot. Good work!

cody104 responds:

Thank you for your awesome review, glad you enjoyed the song. :)

Sounds really good, except the hihat sounds either too compressed or something about it just isn't as high quality as the other instruments going on in the song. Not sure what it is. Also, the toms need to stand out in the mix more, they are too quiet and not so apparent in the song during that drum roll, you can barely hear them.

Overall, I don't know if this really reflects what is going on in the picture as far as the fantasy element goes, but it reflects the nature part nicely besides the obscure part of it. Overall this is a really nice mix and is pretty. Is feels almost the same throughout the song but has some nice slight change-ups here and there. It's a beautiful song I must say.

Somehow I can see this song playing in the ending of a movie to the credits. It's a song that says, "everything worked out, the adventure is over, life is good, time to head home". Good job on playing the instruments and mixing it.

cody104 responds:

Thanks for the great review , once I have time I will see what I can do with the hi hat. I had a great time writing this song for the aim contest, hopfully I will have the time enter one more before the deadline comes.

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4.70 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2016
12:08 PM EDT
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