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Author Comments

This was going to be my first real try at dubstep, but it didn't turn out like it so much... instead, it morphed into a whole new style. Still made with presets (hopefully won't stay that way for long), and turn up the volume, because the clipping on this one would have been even more ridiculous than usual and Logic is super quiet... headphones recommended.

There are so many people I want to take a moment to thank:
ACXLE, who first scouted me on a similar piece and patiently dealt with my technical issues when they arose, as well as inspiring some of the percussion;
MollusK-Music, who has been an incredibly supportive human with the tech and other music stuff;
Xtrullor (and to some degree AeronMusic), who were big inspirations for everything in this piece (a cookie to anyone who hears the Ichor strings at 3:10 xD);
HyperNicoKirby, impurpul, masdar1, and other irl friends who have supported me and my music;
And you, for listening. :D

(Name inspired by Spectex's Geometry Dash level, Exile.)

Enjoy, and feedback appreciated as always,


Very nice. I don't hear the Xtrullor, but a little AeronMusic.

I love how peaceful your tracks are. Good job making peaceful dubstep.

That's a first. Five star for originality. :D

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you q1zx! I admit that the peacefulness was more an effect of my weak VSTs at the time than an intention, but I'm glad it was nonetheless enjoyable.

Them feels man... *nods slowly* I am inspired now... *nods rapidly* I CAN FLY!!! *shakes rapidly* GRRRRRRRRR!!! *jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge* I guess i can't fly :( *shakes to fast he flys* I CAN FLY! GGGRRRRRRR... *flys back onto bridge* I DID IT MOM! *forgot his mom never came* aw man

Miyolophone responds:

Well, that... I, um... what?

this is awesome! the start reminds me of Doctor Who, specifically the 11th doctors theme. great work :)

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Miyolophone responds:

Thank you! I'm not a Doctor Who fan myself, but I'll take your word for it haha

This is pretty good! It could use a bit more mixing and mastering just to bring up the volume. Remember, compression is your friend, as long as it's used sparingly. You did well making sure it didn't clip, because I didn't hear any clipping issues. Another thing that could use some work are the lows. I really don't hear very many, but that may be because my headphones aren't the strongest in the low frequencies. If your headphones boost the lows, do the opposite I do and boost a bit more than you think is necessary. Nobody's mixing is going to be perfect for everyone, as almost nobody (if anybody) has completely flat-response headphones. Another thing you could work on is adding some swells, whether that's with the instruments' volume increasing and lowering or if it's with risers. Even just some white noise will do. Some atmosphere could help, for example, in Earthsplitter by Xtrullor (inspirations make the best examples). He adds some rain ambiance throughout the piece, which is almost not audible but adds quite a bit to it. Also, one thing you could do to add more realism is to add some reverb to the instruments. I like to turn the size all of the way up, turn the wetness up about 3/4 of the way, turn the low cut up to about 55-60% and then add small amounts of decay. It really creates the feel that there's an orchestra around you. At least, that works best for me. Well, that's all the advice I can really give... Everything else was pretty good! I can't wait to see you improve when you get better libraries! You've shown that you don't need a ton of plugins to be good at making music :)

Miyolophone responds:

Thank you Kyron! Yeah, I'll work on the mixing more, obviously. I actually have been playing around with the reverb some (though only subtly, like the brass at 3:00) but almost nothing about electronic music is subtle, I guess, so in the future I won't be afraid to really mess with the sound quality. It's funny, I never even noticed the rain in Earthsplitter... so maybe subtlety does have it's place... anyway, I agree it could use some more atmosphere, I'll work on it. I like all this feedback I'm getting from everyone, by the way; until now it's mostly been "wow, you sure did the orchestra!" and this is way more helpful.

Anyway, thanks again for the advice and praise! ^_^

Incredible melodies and instrumentation, as always! Regarding the technical bits, I must agree with Mr. Aeron. Don't misconstrue that as me not liking the track, quite the contrary actually. I simply think there are some things you could do to make it even better. One thing I would really recommend would be to lower that synth at the second high energy portion - around 4:01 - by 1 octave. I really like the melody there, the synth just felt a little to isolated compared to the lower strings and such. Anyway, that's just my two cent. Retrospectively, you did make me a beta tester for a reason and I should have given you some feedback beforehand. However, I was rather preoccupied and still am. Apologies for that. Keep it up, though! Getting better every day.

Cheers c:

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Miyolophone responds:

Thanks MolllusK! Yeah, I need to work on filling out my registers, which again is partially headphone bias. And yes, it could use some atmosphere... I always find the pads and risers kind of... lonely?... on their own, so I never think to use them more as enhancers than instruments. Ah well, something to keep in mind for the future, especially as I might be getting Serum in a few weeks. And don't worry about the beta testing, I know what it's like to be busy and I almost forgot about this piece myself for a while, to be honest. Anyway, glad you think I'm improving; the "electronic" part of electronic music is proving hard for me to adapt to, but I'll get there eventually I hope.

Cheers c:

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4.28 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2016
1:43 PM EDT
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4 min 57 sec

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