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Tranceformation [Speed Mix]

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Author Comments

My take on Happy Hardcore. 180bpm, 96kbps because of the length. Reviews Plz! :)


Not bad

First of all let me say that the general beat of this song is not bad, matter of fact I like it but you should try to make it change a little during sometime of the song because it gets kind of old.
That being said, the quality of the audio is very clear and cool.


k-m-g responds:


Fast with a great beat

This is a nice speed mix that has a orgasm of different sounds. Sweet melodies keep grinding out music!

k-m-g responds:

Thanks dude...haha orgasm.

Hey KMG.

I don't think I've ever reviewed any of your pieces deeply, or even at all. There are a few things that I'd like to say before I start the review off.

First off, thanks for the PM asking for this review. I haven't reviewed your stuff before so this'll be nice and new :) Second, lemme give you the run down. I write really long review for you. You respond, and choose to call my review bullshit and hate me forever, or love me cause it changes the way you make music. You choose. Some people don't like the advice I give them :/

Anyways. To the review.

*starts track over*

Well, the song bounces right into it with a.. 2 bar break in? Wow, this is the weirdest beginning I've ever heard in my life. Like, maybe if you switched it around, and made it so the quiet part came first, and THEN the loud kick/bassline and a break into that melody of yours, that would work much more cleanly than what you've got going, which is Beat - intro - break - intro melody+beat. Try to work out the kinks there.

The first thing I noticed in the song is how the compression, or just overall mastering of this track is pretty... distorted. The low frequencies (kick, bassline, etc) stand out as very very loud, and the high frequencies (Open hi hat, melody, etc) come across as dirty and distorted. I have Vanguard and I know what the presets you are using sound like (bad boy, using presets >:( Thats a bad practice. Make your own synths. )and most of them sound more distorted than they should, so I know you didn't mean for them to sound like that. To fix it, its as simple as lowering the volume of things that don't NEED to be loud, and slapping some compressors on here and there. Read some compressor tutorials on the web to get the hang of it, or just simply do it yourself until you get it.

It is certainly commendable that you are making such long tracks for NG, but it really bugs me how... unnesscary the lengt of the track is. Sure, its nice to hear a long track on NG, but if its just the same thing over and over again, people (including me) get really sick of it fast.

You have one break that you use a lot in this track, and it is the snare roll. An accented 32nd trance snare drum roll, which decresendos down and then crescendos up. It sounds nice and all, but you make it... too dramatic.

Alow me to explain.

It goes to a really loud beginning, which surprises the listener and almost makes him not want to listen anymore, and then it falls to a volume level where I can barely hear it, and then it all of a sudden gets really frickin' loud again.

Once, after doing that weird-ass drum roll, you have a 16th note roll with it, with the kick drum following it. Now, not only are they both too loud for you to be rolling them like that, it makes the whole song distort at that part. As one of my music teachers told me "Be loud, but theres the point of being magnificent and majestic, and blaring."

You, my friend, are blaring. Tone down the volume a bit; it doesn't need to be so loud. If you turn down the volume down, it'll make compression that much more easier on you.

I deem to go over the "scores" next. But, I can't, since my review is too long and can't fit within the 4,096 character limit.

So, that was the review. Remember, I've got nothing against you personally.

Keep it easy friend;


k-m-g responds:

Thanks dude! Seriously this is the kind of review I am looking for when I submit songs. Reviews that say...that was awesome or that sucked...really don't help anyone. Constructive criticism can only help the artist..and this definitely helped me.



I really liked this song...

There were lots of good themes throughout. However, I felt some of the non-main lead themes needed to be brought out more and expanded upon, to create more of a musical conversation.

I rated 5/5 for an excellent listen.

Please check out my audio.

k-m-g responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Hmm...I might just do that.


Wow dude, Its rare these days to find a techno/trance song with the old school beat oonce oonce ooonce. Very good job!

k-m-g responds:

Thanks dude! That's kind of strange...most songs I've heard have it.

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2006
8:25 PM EST
File Info
3.6 MB
5 min 10 sec

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