Lance's Revenge

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Let's travel back in time with this one... It was really complicated for me to name this one, so, let me explain myself.
Do you remember the super epic battle we all had with Lance at the end of Pokemon Gold and Silver league?... Well, if you do, you may also remember when playing Pokemon Stadium 2 and beat the Elite Four, oh my Gaaash!!! We had Lance once again, that's why I call this the "Lance Revenge"

Though I know this theme was re-arranged by Nintendo from the Rival's battle theme from Pokemon Gold and Silver to a much more soft and calmed song, I think they improved it way a lot... The slow and orchestrated beat of this version makes me think about Lance as a fallen champion who has returned and just wants a re-match... But the legendary trainer is way too strong for him, so this track is more a solemn piece more than an epic one... Though all of this, I still think this is epic.

This was my favorite Pokemon Stadium redo since I was a child and now, I always wanted to make my own version of it. As you can notice, nothing has changed at all. I just made a stronger orchestration, but I try to keep the original escence of the piece, what I think I just got here... So, relax yourselves, and let your ears enjoy. Thank you very much.

All rights reserved by Nintendo.


Hmm. I didn't know aboutt hat Pokemon Stadium 2 battle actually, nore did I know that he had Silver's theme when you fought him.
I'm loving your remixing work though, it's definitely not as... speedy and stressful as the original, it's more humble, as you say. The orchestral elements make for an instant epic-sounding track though, even if it's calmer - because well, the original material is made to sound like that anyway. Very few electronic sounds here, though, it's mostly orchestral, and boy I'm okay with that! I realy didn't think this could sound so good while being so... calm.

If you take suggestions though, I wonder what you could do with Silver's Rival Encounter theme. Fast-paced, too, but it's mostly because it's one of my favorites from Jotho. Food for though.


i have only little experience from pokemon stadium 2 but i can always compare this to the gold/silver rival theme since they are so similar, even though i don't quite liek the slower pacing on this song, it still works pretty good and gives me a feeling that i am in a battle i cannot win

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