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Unova Gym Leader Battle

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Another Gym Leader battle theme, this time, from the Unova region... I think Pokemon Black and White music is way cool, but under rated by some fans... Just think Mr. Masuda took several music experimentation with this soundtrack, and well, for my taste, I prefer it rather than Hoenn or Sinnoh soundtrack.

Well, I hope you enjoy this one! Thanks.

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AHAAAAAAA, YES! Unova had a great soundtrack, and this is a prime example of it.

And as usual, you've done an amazing remastering the darn thing, I swear, you need more attention. I'm... Not sure what to say for this one, it's just... good. I mean, I'm getting used to your style as I listen to it (I kinda missed a lot of your tracks this year), so I'll just end up repeating the same things again and again, which... would be boring. So i'll just point out lil' new things, like how you kept the flute sound effect the original track had and used it several time as a background instrument, which is a fun addition to the ears. Like at 1:14, for example.

So yeah! Cheers, man. Your stuff's amazing, and your style's polished and established. All you gotta do now is keep evolving. One day, you'll most certainly be able to create original compsitions - if you haven't already - about as awesome as this.

ooh, i love this gym leader theme, it isn't as intense i remember that the original was, but it doesn't make this any worse, you still managed to make this a great piece of work

If the original is Awesome, THIS IS EXTRAORDINARY
Congratulations, you have made to much Perfect Pokemon Remixes in a few days :D

I really like the drums, you got the rhythm just right :D

Miguel! Long time no see! Sounds really good this one does! Sounds like the music for Burrito Bison!