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AIM - ホーガンのデッド

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AIM Judge Review
Quite relaxing piece this.
The mixing is quite on point in this. The synths blend really love together, and overall I think the general sound of the track was great.
I do miss some more variation and dynamics though. I felt like the track could have gone to the next level with some better buildups. As it is now, I felt like the piece stayed on the same level throughout the track, which becomes boring after a while. I know that you tried to vary up the dynamics a bit by adding filters, and though I do think that's a great idea, it's really not enough.
I think the main problem with this track is that it felt like a 4 minute loop and not a full piece.

On the other side however, the reason why I felt like the track was lacking, was because there were a lot of great elements in it, and it was like you let me lick all the icing of the cake, but you wouldn't let me eat the delicious chocolate fondue that was inside ;(. As RF said, the drums sounds awesome. Really great job there. The chord progression was a little bit uninteresting at times. The Pararell 5ths is something I've a quadrillion of times, and though I don't mean that you shouldn't use them, you gotta change them up at times.

When it comes to the art relevance, I do feel like both this track and the art emits a chillaxed mood, though at the same time there wasn't much else in it that reminded me of the art.

Mixing: 5/5
Arrangement: 3/5
Sound Design: 5/5
Art Relevance: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

I have to say, the synths feel flat to me, and the octaves are killing me. I do like the 7th chords, and it sounds pretty chill, but it just isn't satisfying a lot of the musical needs it brings up. Doesn't feel resolved... Most of this is the octaves of the root and really linear chord resolution. Parallel 5ths are really predictable. Mixing is not bad except for what sounds like distortion in the beginning. Outro isn't bad. I just don't like the overall chord progression, or the way that is written. It feels like being stuck in the same somewhat pleasant rut without ever tasting the carrot dangled in front of you.

I love this guy's filters. I think he's on to something, here.
The song has a nice vibe and sounds organic.
Reminds me of some stuff from 'Please, Don't Touch Anything'.
(I just don't like that second kick on the uptempo, but that's just me.)
Good job!

This is really relaxing but it's downside is that it's super repetitive and though it does have dynamics, and good synths, it doesn't satisfy that craving of wanting a changeup sooner in the song. It's the same melody for most of the song.

The great part about it is I love what's there so far, the mixing is great, and the drums are awesome, I love everything about it, the only issue I see is that it doesn't show enough variation. Other than that great job.

By the way, that's japanese right? What does it mean?

Reptiore responds:

Hogan's Dead (was originally entitled Hulk Hogan's Dick as a joke, because it was soft and minimal.) I just wanted to be a weird-ass.

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4.65 / 5.00

May 26, 2016
6:40 PM EDT
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3 min 58 sec

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