Soulfeggio Frequeencies

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I was studying the Solfeggio frequencies, but I was not happy with the devil's triangles that were being formed by these frequencies, so instead of the usual "147Hz, 258Hz & 369Hz" and their rearrangements, I decided to take 'The Music Circle' for what it is: A Perfect Circle.

324>648>972>1296>1620>1944>2268>2592>2916>3240>3564>3888(Close the 8's together)>324
(Ad Infinitum)

I associated 'The Music Circle' with the 12 Zodiac Signs, 12 Cranial Nerves, 12 x 12 DNA, 12 Months, 12 Tribes, 12th Fibonacci Number with the 12 Frequencies that folded the heavens into a perfect "13689" as if it were a cosmic book with pop-out pictures, which can be unfolded into 9 x 1368 = 12312 (notice the perfect 12's?).

Frequencies (Hz):

1458 (x3) Hz 1134 (x3) Hz 324 (x3) Hz

378 Hz 783 Hz 873 Hz
645 Hz 456 Hz 546 Hz
912 Hz 129 Hz 219 Hz

"Three times great, great."

Altogether, these frequencies add up to "13689 Hz".

These frequencies are connected to:

The Moon, The Sun, The Earth, The DNA, The Schumann Resonance, The Magnificence Of 369, Golden Geometry, 3168 Design, Skeletal Structure, 49 Gates Of The Moon & Sun, Quartz Crystals, Universe's Axis, The Trinity, The Time, The Precise Space Between Binary Existence, Toroidal Math, The 12 Dimensions + The 13th Deception, The Gravitational Laws Of The Cosmos, The False Light, The Frequency Of Love, The Frequency Of Being, The Frequency Of Life & The Frequency Of Non-Being.

Sincerely, Thoth (The Holiest of The Holies).

T+H+E + H+O+L+I+E+S+T + O+F + T+H+E + H+O+L+I+E+S = 243
S+O+U+L+F+E+G+G+I+O F+R+E+Q+U+E+E+N+C+I+E+S = 243
T+H+E+M+O+T+H+E+R+O+F+A+L+L+C+R+E+A+T+I+O+N = 243

243 unfolds into 12312, like a cosmic musical flower.

12 x 3 x 12 = 432 Hz (Love Frequency)

For more data on my work, simply peruse through my home page.

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Sounds weird and creepy, but it was OK.

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