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Three Billion Seconds


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"Three Billion Seconds" available on Bandcamp: https://eliteferrex.bandcamp.com/track/three-billion-seconds

I want you to picture a number: 3 billion. Just a three, followed by nine zeros. For many of us, this number seems unfathomably huge, something larger in size than we ever hope to fully understand in scale. Sure, we can count to it, but to actually understand just how much 3 billion really is, allow me to give you the reason why I ask you to picture such a number.

That number is the number of seconds in a lifetime of 95 years. 3 billion seconds. 3 billion ticks of the second hand on the clock, if you’re lucky. That may seem like a lot of time, but I promise you, it is not, and the further along you get, the more you’ll come to realize that you have, in fact, very little time in which to make your impact upon the world.

That is the message I wish to give to convey here. I want to stress to you the importance of time, the urgency of life, the brevity of being, whether or not you wish to acknowledge it at this stage of your life. One day, as all those who have come before you have done, you will cease to be. One day, you will no longer draw breath from the earth, see its endless beauty, feel the gentle embrace of a spring breeze or the warmth of another’s embrace, hear the falling of winter raindrops, or the laughter of friends and family. And the truth is, it’s cruel, the way that our lives are so impermanent. But, in this cruelty, there is another tenet of life we must acknowledge, and that is the beauty of our mortality.

Our mortality is what gives our lives distinction. It is what gives us the urge to push on, to strive for progress, to never lose momentum, because one day, we know we’ll stop moving. We know we only have so long, and I want you to know that as long as you think you have, it’s never as long as it seems, and it comes faster than you can imagine.

I tell you because I wish to share with you my deepest fear, and a fear that I believe is one I share with many of you: the fear of never living up to my potential, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of letting someone down, of giving up, of running out of time before I finish the things I hope to achieve.

There are so many things I want to do with my life. I want to see all the beautiful places of the world. I want to learn new languages, and know the cultures that created them. I want to read more books than I have hairs on my head. I want to enjoy a home-cooked meal with a significant other every night of my life. I want to learn programming to create apps, games, and software. I want to shake hands with all of my old teachers whose time hasn’t already run out. I want to hug my mother and father, my brother and my friends. I want to have enough time to do all of these things, but there will always be one more book, one more idea, one more embrace I never had the chance to give.

Never stop moving. Never let yourself feel that you’ve come far enough. There is always something more for you, always something else to be done. Live for something every day, utilize every minute, cherish every second. Make your 3 billion more than just a number, make it something extraordinary.

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The description really moved me, amazing job ;3;

Wow. That description is deep

Some of us can't do that, because we might be born to be worthless wastes of space, like me. Thirty-something with nothing to prove.

Having said that, this track more or less proves to me that you're still on a roll.

The description made me cry.
I was playing a computer game, but i close it; i'm going to live my life...
I really hope all of us can do such things, because you're right. :')

EliteFerrex responds:

I'm glad you liked the track!

Amazing. Just... amazing. The song is great, and the description makes everything even better. This is truly a masterpiece, I'm so glad I was able to find this. I really love your music, but this one is something special, no only for me that I'm listening, but also to you (I can really feel the storm of emotions permeating from the music). Great work! Keep it up, man!

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