Departing Vision

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old song inspired by the film "Stay". I was depressed at the time I wrote it.



Like the vocal :)


Great song. Very nice.

Got a question for you though. I noted in one of your review responses that you do everything MIDI. Might I ask what you use for guitars, both electric and acoustic? I ask because they sound rather authentic, and most everything that I have access to sounds nothing even remotely close to a guitar at all.


Dude, really..really well done. Everything sounds awesome. I read in one of your review responses that you have had vocal training since this. I think that you should re sing it. That would make this absolutely perfect. Not that the singing was bad at all..just the music was perfect, and the vocals were a little off at times.
This has the potential to be absolutely flawless.

I wish I could write some mellower "rock" songs to sing to, as good as this one. I always rush the music, cause I just want to sing, or growl..depending on the song.

The screamo in the background was a phenominal touch. Really wicked man. I'll definitely be goin through all your stuff in the next couple days.


not bad at all

The chorus sounds amazing. I just thought I'd say that before putting out some criticism. Your voice, while better than most, sounds rather weak throughout most of the song. Because of the chorus, I know you can do better, so I'd suggest maybe doing many different takes on the vocals until you have a perfect version of every section, mixing those perfect sections together into the final song. Who knows; maybe it could be improved simply by doubling the vocal track. If not, maybe voice lessons would be of great interest to you, because the natural talent is definitely there. During the bridge or whatever, when the vocal sound quality goes down... yeah, don't do that. I know it's supposed to sound lo-fi, but in this case it really kinda punches a hole in an otherwise well-produced song. (by the way, what are you using to record the vocals?) As for the music itself, it's very well-composed (I see that you're a music major), but it's a tad conventional for my liking. The drums in particular; generally I dislike hearing synth drums passed of as the real thing, but I understand it can be difficult to get a real set, let alone to record it. As for the lyrics, they're decent enough, and that's a lot coming from me; I'm very very picky when it comes to lyrics. Overall, a very good effort, with room for improvement (but then again, there almost always is!).

Setu-Firestorm responds:

This song was recorded sometime in early January of this year (2006). I hadn't had vocal training until recently, like in the past couple months. So, needlesstosay, I just recently learned how vocals should be done.

Also, I kinda have to use synth drums because I will never have a real set, neither will I be able to play one, so I am optionless in that regard.

It doesn't matter in the long run because I only make rock songs for fun; most of my heart's effort is put into orchestral scoring.

((VOTED 5))

A pretty nice track. A little slow but that isnt a bad thing. Infact thats what sets it out from other songs. It was perfectly executed. So good that I questioned if you stole it at first. And just the fact that you took the time to make some meaningful lyrics and singing notes instead of just having the music is enough to make me give you a 5 but you even went a step above that and actually made the song very good and enjoyable. You are actually a pretty good singer and it does seem like you used a profesional recording thing. Thats how good it was. And just a comment I would like to throw out there is that you look nothing like you voice. Good job.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Actually, there have been times that people heard my work and accused me of stealing others' work. While I understand that that can be taken as a compliment, it gets a bit frustrating when no one believes in you that much. I have been, and still am, practicing mixing/EQing techniques to create a professional quality sound.

Anyhoo, thanks for the review.

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Dec 9, 2006
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