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Drowning Bot!

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Author Comments

A-Bot is flooded by some of these people uploading copyrighted songs they didn't create. A-Bot is trying hard to get out of this BIG puddle. But a robot doesn't swim very well. so...

He calls his chummy M-Bot to help him getting out of this puddle and fight back with him. M-Bot successfully picks him out of this situation, now they can face together these copyright issues. They aim at these law breakers and take most of them down as they come. But there is always more and more copyright infrigements coming from everywhere. These users, or usurpers, are almost pushing both A-Bot and M-Bot back on the big puddle.

They have no other choice than taking a defensive position. While all these usurpers are coming in big waves, they decide to call their team mates, I-Bot, P-Bot, and F-Bot. They try all together to make these copyright abusers go back where they should be : On the ban list. But more and more waves are coming, it's like a survival zombie game!

I-Bot flashes them with his big 1 MW foglight eyes, A-Bot is shooting some 1337 dB Infra sounds waves to make their head explode, M-Bot spots the suspect ones and ensures that his mates aim at the right targets while he uses his Omega Blast when a bunch of them arrive, F-Bot helps others with her brand new lie detector chip 4U-2CTLI-R, how can't you buy it when it's on super sale! P-Bot spots his blue laser beams on the ennemy to make them all weaker. It works for a short time, but it's not enough. The Bot team finally understand that all these waves of usurpers are too strong, P-Bot comes up with an idea, he moves back, behind his Bot friends, then he sacrifices his own health by pushing out of his body a nice fast growing tank! P-Bot can't help anymore because he just birth a beautifull tank. In a matter of seconds, it gets big enough to fight beside the Bot team.


Here it is, the Tank is here! Every bot focus on the enemy while the tank takes notice of the situation. He moves beside his allies and locks every ennemy groups, then he shoots half of them in a huge 3 shots blast. Wonderfull!! It works pretty well! Another 3 shots blast coming from the tank's canon, and all these zombies are now crawling. Now the bot team is able to push down the remaining ennemies. It seems that there are no more unable to read the audio portal rules zombies coming! Everyone is happy, all the bots celebrate the victory for a while, drinking some good quality 10W50 oil, the newgrounds community come to the party, there is even one of them offering to the bots an original song he made about this epic story, A-Bot says to him : "Wow! This is a really nice ORIGINAL work! You should submit it for picoday2016!". What an unforgettable memory! Then everyone go back home except for the A-Bot, because his job is to watch the audio portal 24/7.

Some time later, A-Bot looks ahead, oh no!! Another little group of zombies seems to be coming his way, they seem to be spawning from a game!! Guess what is this game?

These zombies are singing a nice melody A-Bot surely heard somewhere outside of the newground's world , he's gonna try to fight them alone. He succeeds to push back some waves but... Damn!! A-Bot is drowning again!


PS : I composed the stolen melody at the end too... :)

Hope you have a good time listening to this!

Have a nice Picoday everyone!!



sebastien01 responds:

Thank you very much! :D

Nice music, accurately representing the Ground.
And that story should have its FLASH version.

sebastien01 responds:

Thanks for the review bro! It's true that it would be nice to have a flash animation going on with this song :) I'll try to find someone among the movies creators, it would be a nice collab project :D

This track cheered me up a bit. Really good personality to this track. Good on you! ^^

sebastien01 responds:

Great! I'm happy if this song makes you feel better :) And thank you for the good words about it!


these drums are the best thing ever, not to mention deM EPIC GROWLSSSSS

sebastien01 responds:

Thanks for the review! So these sub bass drums don't overwhelm the rest of the song, nice to hear this :D Glad you liked this!

haha super neat :D

sebastien01 responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it :) I was so doubtful about the audio quality because I don't have the sub I need for me to know if these low frequencies sound good among the other sounds on a good audio system. I guess I got it not too badly :P By the way I listened/watched some of your work, you're really talented in so many ways!

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Credits & Info


May 7, 2016
3:03 PM EDT
File Info
5.2 MB
2 min 16 sec
3.76 / 5.00

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.