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I don't know how quite a few people were looking forward to this. I wasn't. It started as an underwhelming test and then resulted in this. But hey. Whatever floats people's boat. This was my first time ever doing something that sounded like this, so it counts for something, I suppose.

And here is my poor excuse for a set of lyrics, coupled together with an attempt at singing in Japanese. Can't say I'm particularly proud of this one, but it'll have to do.

the shadow falls やめない
諦めない stand again

ano hikari wo todokanai
the shadow falls yamenai
sono batoru wo tsuzuketai
akiramenai stand again


What I actually hope for these lyrics to mean:

that distant light, I cannot reach
the shadow falls, I don't want to stop
this battle, I want to continue
I will not give up
stand again

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My ears happy

I really like this a lot -- I'd have to agree with TheDukeOfJuke regarding the mix, though. I'd suggest the following.

First and foremost, I'd throw in a generous amount of saturation; Klanghelm has a fantastic free plugin called IVGI that adds this lovely warmth and clarity to anything you throw it at. It's got lo-fi and hi-fi settings, a knob to control the 'symmetry' of the mix, a 'drive' knob to amplify/distort the signal, and an output knob to boost volume. I typically have it loaded up as the first plugin on my master buss and generally employ a subtle amount of saturation on just about every single mix. If I'm dealing with a genre like New Wave, though, I'm less subtle and tend to crank the saturation to capture a more authentic analog hi-fi sound. As it stands, to my ears, this track (in terms of the mixdown and not the emotional response it illicits) comes across as very neutral; saturation could go a long way towards remedying that, especially within this genre.

The vocals definitely need to be bumped up a good amount to compete with the rest of the track. Some EQ boosts in the areas around 1 to 2.5kHz could also help with clarity. Speaking of EQ; while reverb can be a crucial element to these types of mixes, I feel like it could be made a little tighter if you were to EQ out the high/low end of the reverb with a low pass filter and high pass filter at around roughly 6000-7000hz and 100-150hz, respectively.

The kick is too pronounced and a little too sharp/woody-sounding, in my opinion. Cutting out 1-2 db of EQ around 400-800hz or so and bringing the volume down so that it's not quite so dominant could help that.

That's all that comes to mind, in a nutshell. That aside -- I really, really like this!

Dear, Lord. Your vocals are incredible. I think the mix could be slightly better, but all in all it's actually a very good and relaxing tune. Seriously though...THE CHORUS GIVES ME CHILLS TO THE BONE.

Troisnyx responds:

Thank you. <3 I'd love to hear your suggestions on the mixing, because one day, I'd love to make a concert version of it... you know, I dream of it.

Was the chorus that bone-chilling? o.O

Oh man, this is really good! Instant-favorite! Even thought it's just a test, I'd love to see you expand on it further! I can't get enough of the tune, and the vocals are fantastic (although a little quiet). Lovely work!

Troisnyx responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it -- I honestly was thinking that I would regret posting this one up. ^_^'

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