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Trine - Main Theme (Piano Cover)

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I wasn't going to upload this track to Newgrounds at first, as it was mainly intended for my youtube channel, being a cover and all:


But I guess it turned out nicely enough, and a bit different from the original, so I thought "why not upload it anyway?"

Someone here might appreciate it after all, especially if they've played the game :)

I just spontaneously arranged this version in about half an hour today, so I don't have much to say about it, other than:


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Love the game and love the BGM of it. Your play produces a different yet charming style.
Wonder whether I should pick up some instrument...

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you! Yeah, Ari Pulkkinen (also the composer for Angry Brids, lol) did a really good job with it, imo! If you like music, and would like to learn to play something, I don't see why not! Go for it ;)
Good luck!

Your piano skills always amaze me. Love those trills!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for the nice words, as always :)

Went immediately to my piano to try to copy this, and I couldn't XD. Great playing! I love Trine myself, and this piece had those little details that made it different from the original, without negating the feeling you got from the original. Love the pianopieces you've uploaded as of late, keep it up :D!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Why hello there!
If you want to learn to play this, you can see the notes pretty easily in this video, made by Atin Piano:

There should be some sheet music in the descriptions too ;)

I don't remember how I learned to play this myself, it was so long ago. But today I revised my entire way of play the piece anyway :p
I'm glad to hear we have another fan of the game here! The music and visuals are so lovely :)

It's nice to hear that people have appreciated that I try to upload simple piano music, even when I don't have much time to make much else. Thanks!

Hey there, Lucid! I hope that all is well with you, and it sure is fine to hear more lovely piano submissions from you of late.

As a fan of the Persona series, I am quite familiar with Atlas and its unique and varied offerings, so while I have never personally played either of the Trine titles, they have definitely been on my radar for quite some time. Knowing that you're a fan makes me even more eager to try it for myself. :D

In regards to the music itself, while I know as little about the tracks as I do the game itself, this is a really beautiful and rousing piece. I love a good suspended chord, and you've made excellent use of them here. Some of the early call and response moments sound a bit strong in contrast to the slightly softer, lower register. Just my opinion of course, but I would have preferred a softer, more delicate tone for at least the high notes that come in on the 30-second mark. Once the overall velocity increases, though, everything sounds nice and natural.

Another fantastic submission, man! Wonderfully played, and thank you for deciding to share this here. I would have totally caught it on your YouTube channel, but hey--why limit oneself?

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That was fast! Thank you for immediately writing out a relatively long and detailed response :D
As I arranged this today, it feels much like instant feedback, which is always great xD

I definitely recommend the Trine games, especially the first two. I haven't played the Thrid yet, but rumor goes it doesn't live up to its name. Either way, they are beautiful games, which are incredibly fun to play with friends :)

The music is also wonderful, to say the least. It is made by Ari Pulkkinen, who funnily enough, also composes the music for the Angry Birds series :'D
They are both Finnish games, as is Ari (you heard it here first; Ari Pulkkinen is a Finnish game!).

Yeah, you're probably right in your criticism. I arranged this really quickly, and didn't really pay too much mind to the velocity of those call and response parts. In my defence, it may sound extra harsh, because "The Grandeur", which is the VST used, has a relatively bright sound, especially in the high octaves. Then again, I could've just turned down the overall brightness by using the "tone" knob xD
That said, it might've caused the lower register to sound muddy!

So we're left with the fact that I should've just played them softer :D
Sorry for the random train of thought there x'D

I'm glad to hear that you liked this submission, in general :)
I am doing okay, although I'm a bit stressed out with all my school related stuff lately. I hope you are doing well, as well!

Thank you for your kind words :)

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Apr 17, 2016
4:14 PM EDT
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