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Made w/ Garageband
My 1st song that I've posted to the public
I guess it's mostly just me messing around with a DAW for the first time...

I feel like, with better execution, I could really make the second part of the song into an actual, normal sounding piece of music! I'll have to see what I can do -6/30/2017


There are too many sound effects.And some sounds dont go together that well
I think you should stick to tutorials.
But i know this is your first song,so i wont complain that much.2:29 seems just far-out.And 1:31 is a filler.

DididdProducions responds:

Ima see if I can actually make the second half of the song seem more normal once I actually start doing this more. I feel that, even a simple change like swapping the 2nd and 3rd parts could make is sound much less jumbled at the end and maybe even like music rather than me not knowing what to do :D

As the 3 other Review Request Club members have already said, there are way to many wierd elements in this song. Though as I see that you already have received feedback on how jumbled this track sounds, I'll focus more on the technical stuff.

First of all, the sound design needs to be done better. A lot of the synths you use are clearly premade GB synths, and though I don't think that's a problem at all, you need to spend some time working on each synth and make them sound good. Usually, I point out what things you can do to make the synths sound better, but in this case the problem is that they haven't been worked on at all. Really recommend that you learn the basics of eq and compression it is probably some of the most important tools for us music producers, but they are way too often ignored by beginners.

I would really recommend that you watch some youtube tutorials and read some articles about music production, because your general problem is that you need to work more on the processing of your production (eq, mixing and effects). It's kinda difficult to review something like this because it's particularily designed for a GD level, and I don't know which parts of the song are like that because something happens in the level or not. If you ever make a normal track, feel free to request another review from us again, and I'll be able to make a more detailed review :).

Thanks for requesting a review from the:
{Review Request Club}

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DididdProducions responds:

I wish I could say I can one up you. My grandpa is taking a collage course in these kinds of things, so if I have problems, I'll ask him. Thanks for the feed back! (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง

I feel like there are a few problems with this song:

At the first bit with music (0:23) I feel like the two parts don't work well together. I like the idea of one contrasting the other, but especially the second part (with the acoustic guitar) seems out of place, almost like the bpm of the sample (i assume it's a sample) doesn't match the bpm of the song.

At the end of that bit, before the break in the middle, the music ends very abruptly. Without going out of your way to find a fancy way to end it, one thing you should keep in mind, is trying to repeat things 4 times if possible (that's just more pleasant to listen to. Don't know why). So, I feel like, if you had repeated the beat at 1:20 4 times instead of 2, it would have felt much less abrupt.

The brass sample at 1:26 doesn't seem to be cut right: you can hear a little bit of sound right at the end of it, which I think is unintentional. I might be nit-picking here, but stuff like that makes it sound a bit amateurish.

The second bit of music, like the first one, ends very abruptly too. I also feel like the two pieces don't really fit together, like they are two completely different songs (though, since this is for a GD level, this makes a bit more sense).

And for the bit that begins at 2:30, it seems a bit weird to me: It almost feels like the ending for the song, since it's a bit toned down compared to the bit before, but then it starts to build up again, and then goes back to being toned down almost immediately afterwards. It feels like too much stuff is happening for it to be an ending, with the build up and all that, but it's too short to be an individual part of the song, like the other two parts, and it ends up being a weird in-between thing. Also it ends too abruptly.

I'm sorry if this review seems a bit harsh, but remember that you don't have to agree with every criticism I have, and that music is subjective. You shouldn't be too concerned about what a random person on the internet thinks :)

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DididdProducions responds:

Thanks for the fresh kind of response! Most of the reviewers were focused on it being a stand alone song, which frankly it's not. (ง ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง
This is me messing around with a DAW and posting the abomination that came out

Like BrolfThePaladin said, there are way too many sound effects in this song.

There are also some sounds that really just don't go well together, like 0:42 to 0:48, for example. It just doesn't sound good. Also, this song just sounds like a bunch of songs that don't go well together. You could probably make a few different songs out of this one song.

I won't go too hard on you because this is your first song you've submitted to NG, but it does need a lot of work.

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DididdProducions responds:

The main reason I made this piece was to have multiple different short tunes for a multi level game. it's not really intended for being by itself, kind of like the song Serponge (request)
I understand if you think it isn't music. I plan on making the short tunes I have here into real songs. I also am making a real song that's a loop, so if this wasn't a great introduction I hope to redeam myself. Thank you two for the advice!

I think you put too much FX in the work. Actually, the beginning is too full. It's getting a bit uninteresting and you don't want it. And the part at 1:30 is just a filler. Fillers are not good. Never let fillers in your tracks. They just make things look like you had no plan at all. And making yourself a plan before making music is essential.

The melody in the first minute also doesn't fit with the melodys in the other minutes. Which is kinda...confusing.

Check this out for learning: http://dmitri.mycpanel.princeton.edu/whatmakesmusicsoundgood.html

3.5/5 Stars
Some good stuff need to get some rework. Keep your work goin'! :)

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DididdProducions responds:

1: Full second Response above on Deftone's review.
2: Thank's for the link! Ima check it out.
I made this song to go with a GD level, so I tried to pick out sounds that would go with my theme. I'm sorry if it doesn't sound like music :P

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