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Tales of Faenia - Gramps' Inn (Ver. 01)


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Welp... In my everlasting quest to fill every single area of this "one man team", it was only a matter of time before I decided to try my luck at music composition... I mean, I've already covered illustration, programming, animation and writing for my games... So why not come full circle?

Anyways, as I've been planning and developing my (hopefuly) next game series, which I've entitled "Tales of Faenia", I came to a point where I had to either choose the common "royalty free" path... Or at least learn the basics of music composition and take this on my own, just like everything else.

This is my answer xD My first draft for the BGM of the starting scene of "ToF", which takes place in a small medieval Inn right in the middle of nowhere :D

I'd like to hear what you people think about my first humble attempt at composing some simple BGM. Keep in mind that I have never EVER composed anything in my whole 28 years on this green earth of ours, and I whipped this little something out in just 6 hours of experimentation, so it goes without saying that there's probably 1001 issues with the track, but still... I think it's somewhat decent for someone as inexperienced at this as myself :D

Anyways, hope you find it of your liking, and of course, feel free to pitch in your two cents.

Fate out!!

(Made in FL Studio 11)

(Instrumentation: Tambourine, Low Ethnic Drum, Violin, Flute and 2 Sitaras.)

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As one who was born in Ireland your music is reminding me of home. I appreciate the works you have created so far.

Feels very... nautical to me. The sticks are a little weird, but the piece needed it. Pretty cool overall.

Pretty much an ideal first piece. It has good potential, minus a few things that need to be ironed out that have already been mentioned. While you have a ways to go to be proficient with music, you'll be good with something around this quality of you just intend to use it with future games.

i love this very much and would totally download if it was possible.......hint hint

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Apr 5, 2016
10:23 AM EDT
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