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Pianore - Ceres

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OMFG I worked on this for 2 ENTIRE MONTHS (starting from the beginning of February all the way to March 30). As you can hear, the two drops are completely different, that's because I got Razor at half way of the song and I made the second half mostly with Razor and the first half, with Styrus.

Used synthesizers:
- Sytrus (60%)
- 3xOsc (20%)
- Razor (20%, for the bass wubs and some celestial build-ups)
- Sampler

Used FX:
- Effector
- Fruity Reeverb
- Fruity Parametrics 2
- Maximus
- Wave Candy
- Fruity Limiter
- Control Surface

This took me about 50 hours, including the mastering. Actually, this is my first mastered song. Heres a screenshot of the song: http://pianoregd.newgrounds.com/news/post/957686


First of all... please avoid using the default FL Studio drums... It is so cringy.

The intro was alright.. The buildup was okay but needed more suspense.

The drop itself had no impact.. Mixing and mastering can easily give it more power but that is just a start. The drums just don't make it feel like dubstep (back to my first point lol)

The glass sound from FL made me almost burst out laughing (thanks for that xD)

Some of the dubstep wobbles (etc.) were not correctly pitched and could have progressed a little better.

You have the basic dubstep composition (It gets a little chaotic at one point but it will get better with time), which is good but the sounds are not that good. That is where you improve and look at tutorials for heavier basses and other cool atmospheric stuff you can make. Then, you can try different things with that knowledge and design some original sounds.

I think 50 hours may have been too much just for one song (Use hours as a measurement because it is the most correlated measurement to improvement) ... at this point of time you want to work on projects that inspire you efficiently and quickly. With more skill you can lean towards quality :)
The more projects you make, the more experience you get. Focusing on one track for an extensive period of time is not really worth it (That could just be my opinion because I work differently but still).

Don't take this personally in any way. I used to get very similar reviews on my older tracks (maybe not in this many paragraphs but you get the idea). You will get better with time.

I actually want you to improve because everyone who tries has potential :D

If you have any questions or something you can message me. I may be able to help ;)

Also if you can listen to some of my songs that would be nice too. I am slightly inspired by Xtrullor too lol

-Chael (I really gotta change my NG name)

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I will say, I love the concept to the song, but the drops were just a bit too heavy. It took away from the overall song, especilly the second drop, just because the saws were placed in spots where it doesn't go with all the background pads. And don't worry too much, I am always very picky about that sort of stuff as I am primarily a trance and chillstep artist myself. Great job over all though, I love it.

I quite like what you have here, but I feel it could still be improved. The melody and drop compositions themselves are quite good. I must complain about your synths though. A lot of them feel too "wet". I'm not sure if it's because they all feel bandpassed, or if there's too many flang/phase effects on them, OR if it's because there's nothing really abrasive to contrast with. (Did you run everything through a highpass? was your mastering HP/EQ set too low?)
Your drums need some work. The snare feels like FL's default snare, (but I could be wrong.) and doesn't seem to be overly punchy. Consider both sidechaining and compressing the drums to make them pop.

Composition wise, I think you should have included a section without a background pad. I think taking that away for a short while could help emphasize the beat a little more (in the drop specifically).

Overall, pretty well done, but could be improved further. Keep making music man!

Start: 5 stars. Nice! The beginning has a nice melody. The quietness builds tension, I hear some drop? I wouldnt say this is much of a drop -.25. It quiets, again tension to a nice melody. Ok... It's sorta catchy v:, I'm down to this XD, a tension builder then.... A drop? Wut, OK, well I have to cut off -.2.5, ;3;)/ nice transition to the melody, I really like the quiet harmony in the back going up and down while still not being to loud and ruining the song, that's it.

End: 4.5/5, nice!!

PianoreGD responds:

Yeah I really need to improve my drops....

Epic! I've been waiting for this for a long time dude, but it was worth it.
The melodies and instruments for those melodies are awesome throughout the song. Definitely has a space vibe to it.
The drops are pretty neat too, especially since you have contrasted both of them quite well. Kinda reminds me of the two drops in Supernova by Xtrullor.

Now, how about that collab ;)

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PianoreGD responds:

Thanks, and yes, lets do the collab, skype me :)

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Mar 30, 2016
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