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Krummi Svaf í Klettagjá (Feat. Kayorent) [Remix]

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While this Icelandic folk song doesn't really have an "original" version, here's a more traditional arrangement for comparison (this song also goes by the name Krummavísur sometimes):


So, uh, yeah, what the hell is going on here...well, this was made for an assignment I had in my Icelandic music history course. When I heard the above version in class, I just got a beat in my head, blacked out for around 72 hours, and when I woke up this mp3 was on my computer. So that's rad.

I had the privilege of being able to access the recording room at my campus's radio station (given my volunteer hours put in there), so I dragged Kayorent along with me and recorded some dope auxiliary percussion. Therefore, the personnel for this track is as follows:

Kayorent: Tambourine
Birdinator99: Everything that is not the tambourine

Despite what you may be thinking by now, I am grateful to Mr. O-rent for his assistance, especially with helping me operate a big-ass multi-thousand dollar mixing console that I know nothing about.

Here are the wacky sounds that were recorded and eventually used in this song:

-Drum sticks hitting each other
-Drum stick rubbing cardboard
-Finger tapping on the inside of a garbage can
-Sliding my hand across a music stand
-Shooting a Nerf gun with no darts in it (sacrilege!)


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Birdinator, I am amazed at how motivated you are to make music. God bless and good luck.

Birdinator99 responds:

Thanks bro -- I appreciate it!

I guess this'll be a review with a bit of insider information, but that's fine too I suppose.

I like the way you set the stage for the main melody of the original, and think the instruments you chose for it fit quite well.

I'm unsure what to think of the section with the tambourine, drumsticks, and cardboard. Maybe they fit, maybe they don't, maybe they're a bit quiet, but perhaps if they were any louder it would colour the song in a way you hadn't intended. The sounds probably don't sound as well put together as the regular synthetic instruments you use. Overall I think this section feels a bit out of place as it is now, but don't know how to improve it.

I did however like the use of the garbage can drum, and think it fits well where you have it. The tambourine at the end was a surprise and I think it fits. I didn't notice any other recorded sounds.

This song has quite the different feel from most of your previous work, and I think it went quite well. Good job. I look forward to your next piece!

Birdinator99 responds:

Glad you like the intro and initial arrangement!

Haha, that middle section. I think overall, the tambourine was important to add. It also fit well in the outro, which you noticed as well. I have no regrets about that choice. The sticks and cardboard aren't particularly strong, but I think the result is reasonable given our recording "experience", hahaha. That's just part of the challenge of recording live instruments, and I was eager to kind of get my feet wet in that regard. I think next time we do something like this, we'll be more prepared, and I might have better arrangement ideas.

I also think the can sounds cool! Pretty good result we good out of that. 2:32-3:12 is where the music stand and Nerf gun are. I think the fact that you didn't notice them is a testament to how well they fit, actually; they didn't stick out in a bad way, that is. At least not to me. The music stand is the shaker-like sound (panned left and right), and the gun is the clicking sound panned straight up the middle!

It's fun to try something new, isn't it? Weeeeeeeeeee

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Mar 24, 2016
5:39 PM EDT
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