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--This song was originally called 'JotM'--

This song is one of my very first songs, and yet I still give it a listen every once in a while, and love the song. It has some influences from the song "Jesters of the Moon" from Final Fantasy 9, but the majority of it is original.

Just recently I decided to change the song's name to "Crystalline", as a few of the instruments remind me of a cavern, crystals, and ice (this seems to be a trend in my old songs :P).

Please leave me a review, and let me know what you thought of the song. I'll be sure to review you back!


I dislike bacon.

THAT WAS A GOOD USE OF SLAYER! IM 300% sure it was slayer dont argue.

Darthfett responds:

No slayer was involved. In fact, I didn't even know about slayer for a good month after I finished this song.


It was pretty good

Darthfett responds:

Thanks! :D

good job

zorn and thorn? those annoying blue and red jokers?

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Darthfett responds:

Yep. An annoying character doesn't have to mean annoying music. :)

That's one of the reasons why I like the song so much. The original has a playful attitude, but some parts in it can get very strong, and so I took those pieces, and put them into a new song.

Ah, Jesters Of The Moon....

It's funny, my favourite part was the end. Not because it was bad or anything, I just really like the core melody of Jesters Of The Moon. Oh, Zorn and Thorn, you crazy smucks. Anyway, I thought it was unique, it sounded a little off, like you were an octave too low or didn't go up high enough, or something like that....I am assuming that you were going for a little offkey type sound though, so I can respect that. Anyone who remixes FFIX music definitely has a fan, though, so good job.

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Darthfett responds:

Thanks very much for your review! :) This is probably my most worked on piece, because I started this long before I could do much with music. Most of this song is original, but I decided that since it did have some of the original melody in it, I'd give credit to the original piece. The end is one of those places, and it's one of my favorite parts as well :)

Some nice sounds.

To be honest, I really dislike Slayer. It just usually doesn't sound very good; it's too raw, especially without any effects.

If you're going to use Slayer, try to alter it as much as you can. If you really work at it, you can get some unique sounds with it (though you had some nice stuff going on with the alternating instruments and delay at points).

The same goes for your other instruments. Try to add effects to them to make them more distinct and different. You'll see that a world of possibility opens up with effects :)

Try to stay away from using the FL default drums, too. Especially if you're not going to alter them. There are some better FL drum samples, but you should really try to make some samples for yourself or find free ones on the net.

My favorite sound in this piece was the stringy pad that came in at the beginning. It has a very beautiful, soft feel to it.

Overall, not a bad piece at all, but with some touching up on effects, it could be awesome. I still think it kind of worked though, since it's a video game track.

You get a five for support :) Keep working at it. You've got good potential.

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Darthfett responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review! I dislike slayer a lot as well. I can't stand how hard it is to use, and it usually never comes out sounding very good either. However, in this song, there is no slayer whatsoever.

This is one of my first songs, and I have been working on it in small pieces over about 2-3 years. This is about the 2 year mark, but now that I've learned much more about effects, I have changed a few things, though many of the samples remain the same, as they're irreplaceable! :P

I really need to update the information. It's not so much a video game track, as it is a few pieces of the original song

Again, thanks for the lengthy review! :D

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