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A Dance With a Shadow

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Author Comments

It has been a few weeks again, hasn't it?
Life is busy, as always, it would seem.

I bring you now, what is probably my best piano composition of this year, so far. It's easy to say though, as it's one of my only ones :O
The story behind this one is... That my sister wrote a short story (1 page), and asked me to compose a track to fit the writing. So after some procrastinating, I did!

I'd ask of you very kindly to read the story, as it completes the music (or maybe vice versa?), and it'd make my sister happy. I swear it's very well written, too! You can check it out here:


In this version of the song, I fixed most of the mistakes I made, as it sounds better this way. I didn't have time to practice very much before recording it, so some 5-10% or so of the left hand arrangement is improvised, though the chords are all correct. It's also the reason as to why I failed a bit even though I tried recording several times.

If you want to hear a version where the mistakes are all included, and you get to watch me play this piece on the piano, just check it out over here:


Thank you for listening!


Somehow the start sounded sad. But the rest started to become exciting... it's like a mini story about a meeting with a shadow... and the adaptation to it...

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, I see what you mean :)
It's definitely a track that has some progression, on the emotional atmosphere. Thanks for listening and reviewing!

We've talked about it last time. It's a beautiful piece, well composed and dynamic.
It does remind me of many things, past and current influences, composers whose music have inevitably left the mark on the way I approach composition, probably even the way I listen to and assimilate the sounds I hear. The Ending Theme from Final Fantasy X comes to mind in terms of sheer emotion and pace. Wonderful sound and blend of different themes. This is, furthermore, possibly one of the best piano pieces I've ever heard on Newgrounds, able to encapsulate complex feelings and accompany such hopefully influential stories.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Oh wow, those are some really nice words you are giving to me here!
It's good if it reminds you of other things. I like when people have ready associations, as long as my piece isn't accidentally parly stolen. But it's complex enough that I strongly doubt it :D
I have many influences behind my work myself. And omg yes, I love the FFX Ending Theme! People tell me that my style often reminds then of Nobuo Uematsu, which is a great compliment in itself.

"This is, furthermore, possibly one of the best piano pieces I've ever heard on Newgrounds..."

=> Now that, is pretty extreme! Thank you so much for those words o.O

I always do my very best to both compose and play with feeling.

A truly lovely accompaniment to your sister's tale. While I listened I also read and it did indeed feel as though the music and words were speaking within and through each other, sound intertwining beautifully with poetic musings.

The timing was perfect as I finished the story and listened to the last few moments of your song echoing across my consciousness. Together they made for a very effective method of absorption, and the experience was - and shall remain - a singularly unique one.

Very well done, both of you. Wonderfully written and played. These two mediums deserve to be melded together into a single project. I'm just not sure if the words should be left to the reader or spoken aloud by a vocal talent. I feel as though either would serve. I'd offer my own voice, but I feel like a female voice would be better suited...maybe Piper? Suffice to say, I can't help but feel as though this could be something even bigger.

Welp, I've prattled on long enough! You do leave an impression, Lucid. Bravo.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm super pleased to hear that most people find that the music and the story fit well together, as that is what I was going for :D
My sister wants to thank you for the nice words, too!

I've seen some soundtracks being made for artworks before, some for books, and some for graphic novels and such. I think it's quite a nice way to add another layer to the text. It's good practice, too!

I hadn't even thought of that idea! I could always ask my sister if she wants to read it out lound. Maybe, maybe not? Thank you for the wonderful idea! We'll see what happens.

You, on the other hand, leave quite an impression through your kind words, and through your nice use of the language. I know I have one new track of yours which I haven't reviewed yet, but I'm dead tired.

Thank you, and good night!

First off, it's amazing! secondly, it's incredible how precicely the name fits the music, i imaging an animation in my head right now with a person actually dancing with a shadow. Not only that but it's great music. Almoast like a ballet. i dont really know what to say, i want to say so much about it but i can only describe it with this right now. Great Job there

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

First off, thank you!

It's great to hear that the name is fitting :D
I actually tried my best to capture the essence of the short story my sister wrote, and dancing with a shadow is definitely something that occurs in one way or another :)

Parts of this piece are pretty much a waltz, but other parts aren't. It's a bit more flexible than that, I guess xD
Thanks again!

This makes me cry

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the piece!
In one way or another :3

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Mar 15, 2016
9:46 PM EDT
Solo Instrument
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