When Tawna met Crash Bandicoot

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I was inspired to do this after discovering two pieces of fanart of Crash Bandicoot's "Tawna". Being a long time fan of the games, I whipped this up together, really it just came in my head. I wrote the dialogue below so you can sort of PICTURE what is happening.

It's not perfect, but it's what I can sort of see in my head when hearing this. Sorry that my Tawna voice sounds a little...bleh, then again, she never really had any dialogue in the game so I had to improvise, tried to go for a breathy voice but hearing it played back, I sound a little younger. Would've deepened it a little, but I can't do a sexy voice for crap! xD

[Tawna is stuck in her cage alone and scared, (or she could be filing her nails or checking her face in the mirror and using a powder puff) she hears the sound of footsteps and in clunks another cage close to hers brought in by Dr Neo Cortex's henchmen. Startled, Tawna looks around. .(Maybe something like...he gives his hand a lick and mops it over his hair to straighten up a little hahhaa! :P)]

"Huh? Who's there? Hello? Anybody there?" *she looks round and suddenly in the cage that had just been placed next to her appears a male orange bandicoot shaking the bars of his cage. He looks over to Tawna, who looks back at him, curious and surprised*

"Oh hello, what's your name?" *Crash being unable to speak proper English, just babbles on as if to try and introduce himself to Tawna...* I'm...I'm Tawna. And you're...Crash? That's what you're trying to tell me? *Crash would probably nod or something here, probably utter a little "uh-huh" dreamily, because maybe a little infatuated or something xD

[Here, Tawna is scared and looking around]

"Where are we? I wanna get out of here, it's dark in here and I'm so scared." *Crash could probably be thinking the same, shaking a little at the thought*

"Oh my gosh, what is Dr Cortex gonna do to us? Please Crash, please get me out of here, Crash" *she takes his hands that are sticking through the bars of the cage for comford* I'm so scared!"

(After that, I can sort of see Crash gesturing Tawna as if to tell her that he'd break her out of her cell or something)

"You wanna break me out too?" *she's showing feelings of thankfulness and affection here, (I shoulda left a gap before I went onto the next part on what she's gonna say after this bit)

"Oh Crash...that's so sweet..." (Here I can imagine after she says that, the two bandicoots look each other in the eyes and keep their hands cupped together, just smiling at each other or something, all that lovey dovey stuff...yeah *GAG* lol)

[Two henchmen walk in/or maybe Nitrus Brio? and open Crash's cage door and grab him, Tawna watches in shock]

"Huh? Hey! Put him down!" *Crash is struggling to get free as Tawna watches him being carried away from her*

"Crash, where are they taking you?"

FROM here on, I can sort of see where the opening cutscene would take place like in the actual game, where Crash is ready to be put into the Vortex. ("Nooooo!" says Tawna here or something)

And since it failed, Tawna is relieved, Crash legs it.

"Run, Crash RUN!" (As Cortex makes chase)

*Suddenly Crash jumps through a window and falls leaving Tawna behind. She watches in shock and exclaims*

"Nooo! Crash! Come back! Come back...you can't leave me here...please save me..." [Suddenly the two assistants of Cortex bring out Tawna and she struggles]

"Huh? Hey! Let me go! LET Me go!"

And the last part, I kinda got inspired by fanart from my friend which involves Tawna later on in the dark, begging for Crash to come back and save her. Tears streaming down her cheeks

"Oh Crash...please save me"

Since I don't really use Flash, I just wrote this out as an idea. It's all for fun after all xD

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Nice work I loved this so much that I almost went into tears.

Sassi16 responds:

Thanks, this is kind of old and cringy but hey. Least there's still some people out there who enjoy it haha.

Lovely voice work! Good job!

Sassi16 responds:

Thank you, I still need to find more funny inspiration. :)

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