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March of Progress OST

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Now here's something that I've been itching to release. This is a score for EVanimations' latest incredible animation, March of Progress:


It's an animation about humankind's journey through the past, present, and future. I'd highly recommend checking it out!

I tried to reflect that kind of journey in the music. It's essentially a large buildup from beginning to end, with the music naturally morphing from a tribal, ethnic piece to a futuristic, spacey drum'n'bass track. I tried to reflect the eras in-between by changing the style of the music in time with the animation. Bit hard to explain to people that haven't watched the animation so... more reason to check it out!

This uses FL Studio 12 along with Omnisphere and East/West libraries. Check it out on YouTube for an inside look at the project file!


Thanks for checking this out. Hope you enjoy :).

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As a nerd, I am proud to say that my two favorite things are musical composition and literary symbolism, and as a follower, I'm grateful to say that this track is a marvelous blend of both of those. The transitions from one part to the next are flawless, and even though it may not work as a standalone musical piece, the significance behind it means so much more than that.
This left me breathless, I might have to listen again!

Wow! Congrats on 1,000 fans! :D I love the percussion, atmosphere, and somewhat exotic theme. The transition at :25 sounds A LOT like another transition that's at around the 1-minute mark in the original version of "The Festival." Yes, I know your music that frighteningly well. I know this probably had to be a specific length for the animation, but this piece is extremely fast-paced. The transitions are smooth and all, but it's just a little jarring to have so many of them in quick succession. Excellent mixing and mastering as always, though. I'll check out the animation when I get a chance. Keep on rockin', Step. ;D

Step responds:

A little late with my reply, but thanks for reviewing! I have lost count of how many reviews you've written for my tracks.

Geez, man. You know my music better than I do hahaha. I completely forgot about that transition in The Festival, but yes, I do love my rising glissandi into dominant chords.

Yeahhh, this definitely progresses very quickly. I honestly had to make a decision between creating a more cohesive whole with less variation, or matching the pace with the animation. The former was the safe way out, while the latter allowed me to show off some cool ideas like morphing the track from tribal/ethnic to orchestral to electronic. I ended up going for the latter idea. The soundtrack probably makes more sense with the animation than on its own. Definitely check it out. It's thought-provoking and REALLY damn cool.

Thank you for the review!

This song is amazing! Fantastic work!

Step responds:

Thank you!

This is awesome! This song represents the passing of time and humanities journey through it well, and the different themes transition and mix together really nicely. Well done!

Step responds:

Awesome, glad you think so. Thanks!

This is cool. I'm not sure it works so well as a standalone piece because it rushes through so many themes so quickly! Also is it just me or is it missing some bass? Anyway, the main melody is pretty cool and it was kinda cool to see a number of different takes on it. It was an interesting idea to keep the strings even in the final section. Keeps the song more coherent? I dunno.

Step responds:

Hey man!

You said cool three times in this review. I guess that means my song is TRIPLE COOL.

You're right about how it rushes through everything. I was kinda met with a dilemma when I saw this animation for the first time. It's a 1:30-long animation to depict all those different eras of humanity. I could've either gone for a more coherent score which doesn't reflect the eras as accurately, or sacrifice some of that coherency to morph the song in accordance with the era. I ended up choosing the second option which, I think, works out quite well for the animation, but as you said it definitely sounds kinda like it has ADD when heard as a standalone song.

Agh damn you're so right about that bass. It hadn't occurred to me until now.

Thanks a lot for reviewing!

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Mar 1, 2016
2:08 PM EST
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