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this is how i spent thanksgiving night...still fairly new to fl, reviews are appreciated



w00t micheal i liked this oneee


this is good, for a begginer. i mean, you use great sounds (besides the clap, which is crap). But what you need to do is make your songs a bit more exciting. They are not very diverse, the same thing the whole way through, it gets quite boring. You've got the crashes and snare fade ins down though. keep expirementing and you will eventually get it. I gave it a 8/10, a download, and a 5/5 to show my support.
Review me back

hmm ok

I might sound heavy on the critical points, but I'm just trying to help you.

-Never use reverb on drums, maybe on hi hats and claps, but never on bassdrums. I makes the whole song really muddy. :/

-That snare roll in the beginning leads up to absolutely nothing, maybe add a crash or something after and then come in with all the other synths. I think the snare gets way to loud though, you have to be able to clearly hear everything else.

-The bass seems really high and on the beat. That's ok, but if you're going for techno, you would usually have a bassline more centered around the offbeat. I gives that push-pull feeling with the kick. so it would be like kick-bass-kick-bass... yea. Of course you can vary it up, some people like to have 2 really fast 16th notes instead of one 8th note. Just experiment until you find what you like. :)

-The song seems to have no real flow to it progression wise. You need to take the listener somewhere when you write a song, lots of transitions, fade ins-outs, filter sweeps, that sort of thing. I would also suggest compressing your songs, it might mask a bit of that 'FL' quality with some professional sounding stuff. :)

If you get on msn, we can chat and I'll show you around some stuff. Don't get me wrong, you're really good for just starting.

MxG-7 responds:

:D thanks
dont worry i wont take any criticism to harshly as long as its justified with reasoning and stuff
as long as its not just like
"hey man you suck go die"
then im fine


it sounds like your gettin the hang of it man!!!

very well done!!!

i love it!!!

the name rules!!!

check out my newest song -joyful glory- and give me some advice too =)

keep it up man you're gettin it!

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Nov 23, 2006
8:47 PM EST
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