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Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=He2jjNjbJWw&feature=youtu.be

Surprise! This year is my 10th anniversary! I've been making music for 10 years, and later this year, I'm releasing a 10th anniversary album featuring my greatest hits, and some new songs exclusive to the album, a couple of them going back to my 2006 roots!

This is a track from that album, enjoy! I wanted to combine House with a little Hardstyle, featuring some vocals from my friend Amanda.

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This is fantastic. I love this style so much.

Could you just allow the soundtrack for Geometry Dash, por favor?

Keep up the good work though, cause you absolutely smashed it with this one.

EDIT: I totally forgot Rob has to approve songs for GD. Sorry for bothering you. I just don't know what problem he has with this song. Perhaps the overwhelming screams? Idk.

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks. It's not that simple though, RobTop seems to not really be approving anymore requests for songs, seems he's ignoring everyone these days. I've had multiple fans try to requests songs to use in the game, even with my approval, checking the "allow this in Geometry Dash" box really does nothing unless you have RobTop approve it.

I mean, I'm giving permission, but seems he won't. Thanks though!

Great quality all around. I really like the little breaks you have in between some sections where you leave just the main chord progression. The bass is very nice all around, especially with my bass boost headphones :)

I also like the drum beat you have going on there, makes me want to celebrate, which I assume is no coincidence since this is your 10th anniversary! Happy 10th anniversary :D

JohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks! :)

The mixing is quite bad in my opinion the song is quite muddy thanks to the bass and the long release on the synths, the sidechain could have been done abit better also. Overall it isn't a high quality producting I would want to see in the featured content.
But it is an uniqe style though... But remember you need to focus more on the mixing.

JohnnyGuy responds:

I disagree personally, but thank you for the feedback. I wasn't really trying to sidechain anything, I only use that if I want the effect.

Interesting, although I can identify the chords easily and the parallel motions. They're not all resolving as well as they could be. Maybe try different inversions. Although I know this is a stylistic choice in most house. I think the chords are a bit too low in the registers. Maybe this is why they're acting how they're acting. 1:55 has a very appealing sound to me, however.

Mixing could be a bit better. It doesn't sound as if there's any kind of master limiter here at all. The kick is laying down in the mix, but it's not suffering too much from it. Maybe try sidechaining this. It doesn't sound as bad when the bass is on an offbeat, not melting into it frequency wise. You have excellent transitions, especially 3:05. This is perhaps the highlight of the song so far for me. I'm literally bouncing in my seat. I wish that had been a bit longer.

Your sampling of her vocals is nice, also. It supplements the rest of the track very well. The bass is hiding a little bit though. It sounds grainy, if that makes sense, and not as full as it could be. Most EDM is heavy on bass, so this is what I'm going off of.

The main chord lead is killing me a bit. Sounds like the release on some of the sounds is not as tight as it should be. For such a big track though, this is excellent. Great work! Just a few tweaks and it would be a virtually spotless mix. Hope my review helps point you toward any trouble spots in the future and it won't be another case of hindsight = 20/20!

JohnnyGuy responds:

Really? Hmm i see. I guess it was an experiment lol. Thanks. Well believe it or not there is a limiter xD sidechaining it? hmm...I see. Thanks! I wanted to mix a little hardstyle in it. Haha thats cute xD It is? Hmm. I see. True. Thanks! :) very helpful! This is some stuff I wasn't aware of lol.

PS: I recorded her on skype, her mic isn't the best xD

mixing could honestly be better at points, like that woo sound at 0:35, kick could be a bit poundier after that, ear rape at 4:23 could be turned down, but otherwise great song! 10th anniversary, huh? i'm too young to comprehend that lol

JohnnyGuy responds:

Seriously? Huh....how do I not notice these things. I thought it all sounded fine, guess not lol. Ear rape? :S uh...well ok. Thanks anyway.

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Feb 18, 2016
6:11 PM EST
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