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Lazy Day

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Author Comments

This is a slightly older piece that I had virtually finished and then gave up on (can't remember why) -- revisiting it more recently with a fresh perspective helped me realize that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Still not quite sure about the drum volumes, particularly towards the ending, but I like the overall feel of the track (my favourite part is at 2:28; love that pad).

I have come to realize that abandoning songs, while in some cases a useful practice, usually does more harm than good. I would rather finish an imperfect mix (by my standards at least) and learn from my mistakes than become endlessly picky, tweaking and tweaking while allowing my brain to slowly convince me that it's all a waste of my time. Even in the case of a song like this one, which was practically finished anyway at the point of abandonment, it's important to formally consider it "done" and upload it just for piece of mind -- it helps me move on to bigger and better things.

Some new things I tried here were:

-Reversing audio clips (drums)
-Copying a snare pattern on to the tom tracks, then offsetting one copy by 1/8 of a beat and the other by 1/4 of a beat (this is what you are hearing at 6:05)

So there you go. Lazy Day. Nothing to do, nowhere to be. Not madness, just impatience. But for what?

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Excellent! I haven't been able to check in for a while, mainly because I've been working to move on to the next step of my journey as a composer, but this song is great!

You managed to make a chill song that was still interesting from start to finish. That's unheard of here, trust me haha.

I really hope you continue to make music. It's always very good.

Birdinator99 responds:

I will continue, thank you so much man! I'm really glad you liked it! Look out for a review from me soon!

I liked the pulsating pads at the beginning. They established a kind of pensive mood that I found appealing. The quirky percussion you also have in there for the first 45 seconds or so was cool too. I think you needed a more gradual transition at :51, especially since the intro was so drawn-out. It just wasn’t immediately clear to me how the section at :51 was related to the very beginning. That said, once your eyes readjust a bit, the sounds blend together pretty well there. However, you immediately regress to minimalism again at 1:40. Perhaps my favorite part of the piece is the instrumentation. However, you have a lot of very loosely connected ideas strung together with little sense of coherence. The drum fill at 2:27 comes out of nowhere itself, and it is then somehow supposed to serve as a transition into the next section. Looking back, perhaps this piece has a bit more coherence than I thought, yet separately structurally similar sections by 3 minutes or more is not an effective way to provide enough repetition for the casual listener. Also, this piece has a lot of repetitive riffs in self-contained sections, yet lacks stronger and more dynamic melodic content. The mood and atmosphere are solid here, though. The only potential mastering flaw I heard was that the kick got a little lost in some of the busier sections, such as 6:05. That said, I’m not completely sure there even was a kick still in there or if you just had that low percussion serving the role of bass drum. The panning effects later on are quite enjoyable as well. That said, I suppose my main complaint with the piece is that it’s 8 minutes long (and it didn’t need to be). Because it’s 8 minutes long, it’s hard to keep the listener grounded in some much-needed structural repetition while also providing enough dynamic contrast to create some variation. Overall, this is pretty solid work, though. Long-form pieces like this can be risky and, despite my criticisms, it paid off for the most part. Keep at it, man! ;)


Birdinator99 responds:

Hey my dude, thank you for taking the time to review this, and for hosting the NGAUC yet again!

For the transition at 0:51, I was hoping the reversed drums leading up to that point would provide enough of a bridge between the two sections. To me they sound similar enough as to not be jarring or surprising when transitioned between.

I really like the minimalism in this piece -- the section at 1:40 is my favourite actually -- I feel that it fits the theme of "lazy day", where the mind wanders in and out of ideas more freely. Maybe just me?

The fill at 2:27 - hahaha, I don't even remember why I did that. Valid point, but its grown on me for some reason. The loosely connected ideas bit is something I run in to quite a lot in reviews -- it's very true, and I hope to one day be a better songwriter so that I can keep listeners more engaged! The use of repetitive riffs and lack of melody are related to this underdeveloped skill as well, I must admit.

Glad the atmosphere sold you, though!

The kick at 6:05 in indeed a kick, and I think the reason it gets lost is that it clashes a little with the toms playing hard left and right (when they play at the same time).

The length is also something I agree with. I did get carried away with the second half of the song, so I fully acknowledge any grievances you have related to the long nature of this piece.

Thank you again for your honest thoughts and encouraging words! Hope to see you again sometime!

This is really cool.

Eight minutes and fourteen seconds. This is certainly the longest song that you've put on newgrounds. And that being the case I wondered how you would keep it from becoming repetitive.

Well, I wasn't disappointed in that respect, the song continued to build on itself the whole way through. I never felt as though it was getting repetitive, or going nowhere.

The audio felt well balanced, and didn't lean left or right as far as I could tell, and I'm pretty picky about that. On my second listen, the upper part of the ending section where more and more drums are slowly added felt strangely empty, but my concern was voided when some a synth and more drums filled that space. I had been remembering those from my first listen.

I really liked how the drums built up at the end, and most of the synths you used were clean and precise. The reversed drums were neat, though they don't make or break anything for me.

The rolling melody was really cool. I can't say that I've heard that anywhere else, and you made it fit well, so good job.

The note placement felt intentional, and sounded natural, though occasionally a bit awkward.

I usually don't like long songs very much, but this works for me. Great job overall, I think that this is your best piece yet.

Birdinator99 responds:

I think of this song as a spiritual successor to "Slow Me", in terms of the song structure especially. Maybe you did, too? Where the first half is pretty much just the same chords presented in different ways, and the second half is a slow, building section? I like chill stuff, if you haven't noticed, haha.

Glad I could fill the sonic space appropriately for you. There's a lot going on at the end, so I had to balance volumes very carefully.

The rolling melody is an arpeggiated synth (an "arp"). You give it a chord, and it plays the notes in a rhythm and direction (eg. up the chord) that you assign it. In this case, the rhythm I gave it didn't line up with the time signature I was using, so the pattern it plays is offset by a note each time (until it changes chords). That's the best way I can describe it, anyway. Maybe that's why it felt a bit awkward? I came to like it, myself.

Best piece yet whooooooooooooa rock on bruh

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4.72 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2016
5:15 PM EST
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