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_-={Corrupted Matrimony}=-_

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Author Comments

Love is universal and effects all, even those who focus their all to destroy all else!




Although I can't give you full credit on this track as it is a remake, I can tell you that this is the best rendition of the song I have ever heard.
You have added you own dark twist to it.


What u want me to say, It sounds like you have your own private orchestra.


I think this track changes every four bars so it's very diverse, whether it be a string pluck or a choir shout, every bar is different.

Overall, I'd like to hear more renditions in this dark manor, congratulations, this is worty of a 5

MaestroRage responds:

There are quite a few dark pieces in the forge, these pieces however take time, to kinda mellow out and gather the energies it needs. Forcing them out for me personally makes them sound wierd and broken. For example, those pizzicato strings that come in when the "Here comes the bride" riff plays the second time took me a long while, though it's a simple progression, it needed time to just grow into the melody.

Thank you for the review and 5 ragekid, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

Obeisance to the Maestro

Ahh organs... I remember you have a song "War in Heaven" in your segments. (I hope I recalled the title correctly.) It had an organ melody as well but - as I wrote in my review - it was a bit week comparing to the other more powerfull parts to the track.

And now here is this song: and the organ blows. It brought up the memories of POTC2 - Kraken theme. Not the melody itself - just the organ. Man since than I love organ melodies and personally I'm planning to recreate that theme - and now you've shoved me how that would be perfect! This song could be fitting to the POTC2 movie instead the original Kraken theme as well I think.

So great job as usual - you simply can't make bad songs. I have no simply nothing to criticise. It's a great song - has a bit "evil forces march" feeling some parts and a soft epic edge.

So congratulations another great piece! But tell me: when will be the tiime when you'll be making filmscores?:)

MaestroRage responds:

While Heaven Burns is I believe the song you mean, don't worry about it, I too completely forgot the title, as I do often with most pieces.

That organ melody WAS weak, it was more of a jump into the instrument though, the organ is very much like the choir in the sense it has a very omninous voice (did I spell that right), it eats up alot of the high, low, AND middle end of the frequency range, so using them with a great amount of instruments is particularly difficult.

I love organ melodies too! Like I said before though, they're hard to work with. Solo Organ works, there are some AMAZING solo organ pieces, which just left me in awe. I hope to be able to make something like sometime too.

Do you remember the organ song played in POTC3 by the squid faced guy (I can't believe I can't remember his name right now), now THAT was a sick ass melody too!

In any case, thank you for review madboss, i'm glad you liked the piece :D!

Also, my motto is Forever For Free, any song I make for myself will always be free to the public, as for filmscoring, not yet, need more practice!

Yeah, it needs another organ

Hey there!

Yeah, I used to be crodian...this one's the new, improved me! (Man, how do you keep finding me?) It's also to go along with the fact that I'm now known as Rig in all the other music sites and organizations I'm involved with *cough* www.splicemusic.com *cough*.

Alright, song reviewing tiiiiime

The start of the song is great with the marching drums...those low, low bells are a great touch! I can smell the corruption from here. And the choir is amazing as well, it really enhances the whole bad-guy-soundtrack thing.

I think that little organ solo piece around 2:08 needs a little bit of work. One thing I found that's really effective in building intensity during solos is to avoid hitting the root note (D in this one, am I right?). Cause then you keep the listener hanging and hanging, and it'll feel that much more explosive when you finally DO hit it! :-D

That crescendo in the last part of the song would be even MORE amazing with a really fast violin or organ melody over everything. Building, building, building, then sustaiiiiiiiiin

Overall, amazing work! High 5 for you.

P.S - I MUST have whatever you used for the choir...

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MaestroRage responds:

hmm, some very interesting ideas on building intensitiy and securing solid solos! Really I never thought of it like that, and truly it makes sense, give them the note they yearn for at the end!

As for the root note, to be bluntly honest, it took me about a minute to construct the piano in my head and find the D note. You may be right, however C# and G# were the two most common used notes in this piece, especially for the french horns, and other long noted support instruments.

As for another organ at the end, I tried that, and due to my inability to equalize tracks good, having two organs muddled it all up. Like looking into a muddied rippling puddle. You get the image, but it's just so dirty and distorted. As for fast violin, I tried this also, but... strangely enough it didn't seem to fit in. The sounds and instruments all seemed to share a common feel that the fast strings didn't seem to give off. The only way to make those fast strings noticable, was make them play on a high octave, and their sound just didn't seem to work with the rest. So that too had to die.

as for teh choir!


There ya go! I use that choir a lot, and was the dominate choir for this piece (Save the female opera singer)

Anyways, thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked the piece! (I also checked out SpliceMusic, seems like a neat place to be :D)


at first, your songs were leaning my interest heavily in your favor, but this song my friend, has sealed the deal. You are my favorite artist on NG XD this is just beautiful. I can see Darth Vader getting married to this XD The wedding would be GRAND! Storm troopers ALL OVER THE PLACE! The emperor would be cunducting the cerimony, and all abord the Death Star would be watching it on a 5000' high-def plasma flatscreen XD With This song playing in only the highest quality surround sound XD BRAVO!! 5/5

MaestroRage responds:

Darth Vaders wedding eh? >:}

That story really seemed to suit the mood, and the emperor conducting, that image was priceless XD. Like, his deep and dark secret dream to conduct an orchestra coming to life! A single solemn tear down his cheek, so happy at last!

The storm troopers would probably lose control at one point due to all the hollering and start shooting at things, so sparkles and explosions left and right to mark the day! I don't think Vader could be happier with the outcome.

And we all know the REAL reason Vader joined the dark side was for that kick ass 5000' high-def plasma flatscreen. I mean that baby put their budget out of whack! But it was worth it...

Well i'm glad you liked the piece, it was a really fun song to make, a tad difficult finding some dark countermelodies to go with "here comes the bride" riff, but with enough goat slaying, it was doable.

Thanks for the review, again, i'm glad you liked it!

loved it

haha nice job. great work making 'Here comes the Bride' minor!

MaestroRage responds:

The bride did come, and she came with hells fury behind her >:)

thank you for the review, glad you liked it ^^.

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Nov 22, 2006
1:14 PM EST
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2.7 MB
2 min 55 sec
4.08 / 5.00

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