Better Than The Book - Two Years On


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Download Link: https://betterthanthebook.bandcamp.com/album/two-years-on

Better Than The Book - Two Years On

01 Ignition - 0:00
02 Homecoming - 1:18
03 Hearts Racing - 2:29
04 Undead Education - 5:33
05 Channel Surfing - 9:33
06 Cathode Ray Days - 10:16
07 Make Your Mark - 13:24
08 Wireless Networks Available - 16:50
09 Re: HipHopPunk - 19:53
10 Head Above Water [Feat. Cyberdevil] - 20:40
11 The Bigger Picture - 24:30
12 Confessions - 28:27
Total Length 30:39

All track were written, performed and produced by Nick Standing [Jabun], with additional writing and vocals from Bob Axell [Cyberdevil] on “Re: HipHopPunk” and “Head Above Water”. All samples used are either property of Nick Standing, royalty free, or are in the public domain (as appropriate). Artwork was drawn by Nick Standing [Jabun].

I think the album itself speaks more than I could explain in a few words here, but I'd like to share some kind words which mean a great deal to me from my colleague and friend Vladimir Kuznetsov:

For full credits please visit the Bandcamp page.


I honestly love this song. I don't know if this was intended, but parts of the lyrics, mainly somewhere around 2 minutes in, perfectly describe the life of a recent high school graduate. I commend you sir, and I will without a doubt follow you in the future.

Jabun responds:

Thanks so much and I'm really happy you enjoyed it. The lyrics around that point were pretty much about how I was feeling at the time, so I guess it just sort of happened rather than being intentional :) Really glad it resonated with you though. It's really touching when people can relate to my music. Thanks again and feel free to follow BTTB around the web. You can find it in all the usual places, or if you have trouble just message me and I'll send you some links :D Have a great day!

Beyond amazing will definitely enjoy another album/more songs you produce. Have you experimented with Punk rock also or just Ska punk and Pop-punk?

Jabun responds:

Cheers :D Really glad you liked it. There's the old "One Small Step" EP (2012) up on Newgrounds too if you want to listen, though admittedly it's a little old now production-wise (No horns either) XD

A new album is in the planning stage but won't be for a while yet (perhaps next year?). I'm definitely planning to experiment with new vibes with on too, perhaps have some tracks more J-Rock inspired and some more pure Ska-punk ones too. I've never been too clear with the blurred lines of the genres, so I can't really answer in any more detail, but I've produced other purer pop-punk stuff in the past too.

Best bet is to head over to Facebook ("Better Than The Book" or "Jabun"(not the LoZ fish)) for on-the-go updates (usually weekly or more regular), as it usually just ends up with the end product coming to Newgrounds. Hope to see you there!

Proffesional stuff. Would suit in an SSX or Tony Hawk game, not my style of music, but fun songs to listen to while doing flips and the quality is really good, easily could be quite famous, unless i don't know something, haha...

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Jabun responds:

Many thanks :D Ah man, getting this in a game would be a dream come true! Glad you enjoyed it :3 Haha, well exposure is needed for fame, but that's difficult to come by XD

Holy crap, I'm speechless. This is amazing! I wish I could vote 5 a billion times. Excellent work! I'll buy it when I have money :D

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Jabun responds:

Oh wow :D Thanks so much for the kind words. Really glad you enjoyed :3

Glad i can write this review finally.

When i first heard the album in its entirety I had wrote a review that got deleted on accident (Thanks a lot work). I am going to attempt to re-write the review to the best of my abilities. .

Better Than The Book - Two Years On

This album, A follow up to the ‘One Small Step EP’ is a major step up from its predecessor in terms of mastering. If you listen close you can single out each instrument without even trying. That is not the only great part about this album though, as you listen through the album you can hear the love that Nick ‘Jabun’ had put into the album. Be it from tracks such as ‘Hearts Racing’, ‘Head Above Water (ft. Cyberdevil), or even the samples he selected.

This album, is a true labor of love and one of my favorite albums I own. I urge anyone who listens to this and enjoys it to support the album, and the artist.

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Jabun responds:

Ah dang! Sad times about lost work... the reconstruction is very much appreciated, sir :3 Ah dude, thanks soo much for the kind words. I'm really glad that you can hear the step up from the "One Small Step EP" (pun intended? XD) Really glad you enjoyed it, and thanks so much once again : )

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