Ways to wander

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Yeah... What genre is this? It's atmospheric slow orchestral soviet spacy game music with some standard hiphop characteristics. And yes, that's a mouthful.

The purpose of ways to wander is to change one's mood. This song will be used in the background of Lost Cosmonauts, which will be released in the future:

I'm very curious about what this song makes you think about. (So if you want to, you may share it. I like to read such things :) )


I like the general feel of it. The strings have some decent chords, but they lack in character. They feel a little out of place with the rest of the track. The beat kinda sits in the background at certain parts. 2:48 was my favorite part in this. The low end bass mixed with the choir seemed to work rather well. The progression of the song is good, but it gets a little repetitive after awhile. 1:58 was the best part of the percussion. It went an interesting route and then just went back to the regular beat again. I think the song is overall a nice track. I just think you could do better. There's always room for improvement after all. I hear a lot of potential in you. I listened to your first track and liked it a lot better than this one. Mixing is an issue though. You want the beats to stand out, but don't make them too in your face. I'll keep an eye on you for new uploads. :)

On a side note, the song makes me think of standing under a tunnel during a hailstorm or something along that line and having to wait it out. I don't know why exactly. I just got that feeling from it.

BlastBeats responds:

When I started this project I was a bit depressed. After a while I became happier, and it was really hard to finish the song. The result is a weird mix of all kinds of things. Also I wasn't motivated to put too much effort in polishing everything. The song is made in 3 hours.
I know I can do better. When I'm done with making tracks for Lost Cosmonauts, I'll work on tracks with more variation (some of those are already "under construction"), and they sound way different than this one. A theme of Lost Cosmonauts is loneliness, so I thought it'd be a good idea to give it some repetitions (for the sake of symbolism), but I guess that didn't work out too well.
And about that first song... Please read my reply on LaserVision's comment. My goal is to make dynamic songs like that one, but than more agressive, and clearly mixed.

I really appreciate your review. You definitely helped me with it, and you put some effort in it as well :)
Stay awesome!

I really dig this track! What it makes me visualize is sort of like a space-like city. Dark blue, hints of light purple and hints of black too.

Some pink, but not too much. Very grid like, but that is good. Simple rhythmic ideas presented and counted in a nice way.

Also, really enjoyed the orchestral backing string section that keeps the undertone of the beat as a whole very refreshing, I felt that the most when the choir came in!

Overall, excellent work. Hope to hear more from you soon! Followed! Follow back, eh? :)


BlastBeats responds:

Thanks for your positivity and the follow. I followed back :)

i love the soothing rhythm of this song plus the beats! i'm in love with the beats!
all my 5 star are belong to you.

BlastBeats responds:

I'm very happy to hear that! I spend a lot of time improving my drums, because last time people said that they became boring after a while. I'm glad it paid off. Thanks for the feedback!

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Feb 3, 2016
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