Chutzpah - As Told By Machines

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If this doesn't get (good) reviews, I WILL kill the bunny. Don't test me.



I didn't like it much

Cool beans

Neat tune man, very frantic. Drum are nice, a little high-pitched for my liking, but great fills and percussive interludes.

"Main" synth theme (which it starts with) is pretty gorgeous and highly benefits from the background synth riffs later on. Only thing that I REALLY didn't like was that trance synth (C - Eb - F - Eb etc), though you glitched it up nicely. Might just be me, loathing everything that comes close to trance. I'm weird like that :)

You obviously strived to make it very diverse, it's almost rhapsodic. That's great though it becomes a little too inconsistent at times, especially towards the end where it could have used a little more oomph.

I understand how you think my Time For Bed is too boring, hehe.

Rated 5

chutzpah responds:

Earlier I was pissed that I wasn't getting reviews, but to get one review from someone like you and Carbo is way better 10 reviews from random people (no offense to Hangar18 who has no posts). And yeah I'm more into the Infected Mushrooms personally. Glad you liked it. Practically all my songs strive to be trance (whether or not thats how they come out) so thats kind of unfortunate for your opinion. I also implement a strong arabic influence and use a few scales that usually go along the lines of G Ab B C D Eb (not necessarily that key, but that same pattern). I like the sound but somtimes I end up with a (i don't know music terms but...) a kind of ragtime type of sound. Real discordant at times and melancoly, with a contradicting upbeat rhytm and harmony. Oh and nice word there... rhapsody. I gotta used that now... thats how a lot of my stuff sounds lately. Aye I think I've said more than enough now, but thanks for the review hope to check out more of this well renowned "WinTang" in the future.


yo listening now...
production is pretty slick, some nice little tweaks and wotnot, good synth work. is progressing fairly nicely too, nice variations. liking the acidy bass synth thats come in, needs to be louder in the mix tho i reckon.
nice 1

chutzpah responds:

Of all things originallity gets the lowest score 8(. Meh I ain't complaining too much... Hmm, don't know what you reffer to when you say "acidy bass" but if I'm right about it than I have to agree. The high tones in this song were way too much, my system has the bass cranked up a lot so I didn't notice. Thanks for the review!


daaaaaamn, made my foot tap, what do you use to make music, this is damn good.

chutzpah responds:

For composing music I use Fruity Loops 6 and for touching up I use Adobe Audition 1.5. For this song, as well as the last 3 entries, I've used mainly my own custom effects, instruments and then various (drum) samples I could find online.

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Nov 17, 2006
5:27 PM EST
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