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this song is way more complicated than it seems

inspired by

kind of a weird mix?

(EDIT and how could i not mention jayster, this almost sounds like a carbon copy of some of his stuff :D)

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I like the smooth, floaty vibe at the beginning. Reminds me of falling snow. :') It's mastered so loudly that I'm listening to this on the lowest possible volume my laptop can produce with headphones. The pizzicato-y bridge at 1:22 was a nice bout of structural relief. Excellent melodies and mixing as usual. It's very flowy, and I enjoyed the panning with the cutesy melodic riffs at around 2:30 onwards. Seriously, how does this song now have "snow" in the title? It just perfectly encapsulates an afternoon of wintry mix. Either way, the music is top-notch. :D Keep up the good work, Johnfn!

johnfn responds:

> Seriously, how does this song not have "snow" in the title?

This really really cracks me up, because I have since enhanced this song and renamed it to "summer snowball". YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL ANDREW. Too well...

Also it's funny you say mastering because my mastering process is really just uh... doing nothing. This song literally has nothing on the master channel. I just make sure all my instruments EQ well together I guess? I don't even know how I mix. It's a subconscious process at this point. o_O

Very true to your style THAT's for sure!
How many layers? I'm picking up on 5 at least...and i'm guessing two sound gates?
Listening with a critical ear as Nomad did, I detect no flaws, or sudden skips. Everything flows together smoothly, and is quite soothing!

The sudden drop at the end does disappoint, but what can we do? You're the brains behind this piece, but I do suggest shaving that down a smidge to make it more appealing or even go as far as utilizing fade-outs and fade-ins.

How many artists have you heard lately go as far as to push some fade's? I've yet to hear one as of late utilize fades...and it's long over-due :-)
In your next masterpiece, try it. I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the end results.

johnfn responds:

You're speaking to the KING of fadeouts right here. :D

Seriously, probably LunacyEcho and TaintedLogic are gonna go cry now because after talking me out of doing fadeout endings for the last 2 years, you've gone and encouraged me and undone all their hard work! THE JOHNFN HAS SEEN HIS SHADOW! SIX MORE MONTHS OF FADEOUTS!

A very johnfn track, to be sure! I enjoyed the sound quite a bit, and I really like the pacing. The timing of the notes works very well, and - as you hinted at in your comments - there's a lot of really cool stuff going on in the background. I listened with a critical ear to all those little nuances that make the music so rich.

Once again the ending is cut off with undue suddenness, and that's always going to be one of my personal pet peeves. It's like watching a really good movie and having the power go out during the conclusion. I also felt that some of the call and response sections sounded too much like the main melody, and I couldn't help but think that a different instrument choice would have been better suited. I know going up (or down) an octave is standard procedure, but it seems less effective here due to the nature of the synth.

johnfn responds:


(EDIT: I updated the song and fixed most of these issues, except i made the ending worse because HA HA HA HAHAAAAAAAA)

This song is awesome, dude! It's easy to get down to this :D
You've got a really nice blend of intruments and sounds here, and the melodies are top notch as usual (The call/response is perfectly demonstrated in this track)- The progression is good, and man, that bass + percussion is so tasty! I almost want to eat this song.

Awesome job ;)

johnfn responds:

Thanks LSD! <3

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Jan 31, 2016
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