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Resplendent Obsession

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Author Comments

Yello thar peoples of the web.

This is a remake of an older song of mine, requested by Axelstation. I tried to stay decently true to the original... But the original is soooooooo old and repetitive I just had to have my way with it.

With this version, I tried increasing the excitement factor as much as possible. I've been experimenting with my drumkit trying to make it sound much more punchy/pumping for my techno. I dislike this current mix greatly as it doesn't really contain the range of frequencies I would like it to and could if I had the time to spend fully mixing this piece. But I find myself unable to work on this song any longer as I've heard it so many times now I don't even know if it's any good anymore.

You know that feeling when you read a word like 14 times in a row and it starts to lose it's meaning? Yeah, when you're writing music it gets like that sometimes. And with this song I've lost all meaning.

My original plan was to record a guitar section for each individual synth section, which turned out to sound pretty neat. However during recording I realized the guitar was taking too much away from the composition and nuanced detail of the synth parts so I scrapped a good 70% of what I had. I still feel like the guitar I have in it is too muddy and doesn't mesh as well as I could have made it... So perhaps in the future I'll make a synth-only (plus the heavier guitar) version. Although I only ever do stuff like that if the demand is high enough (read: one person).

So, with great personal disappointment but a smidgen of pride, I present to you Resplendent Obsession. (This song was named "Transcendent Repression" until I started writing this. I think either works. But just to keep it simple you can call it "Another Fucking Song")


this is VEEEEEERY good. synth and guitar sounds such garmonic! i love it <3

Dude! THIS is the shit right here that I am talking about! The message I sent to your inbox is a clear indication of exactly what I am looking for in regards to your work! So you pumped shit through a single sound gate...who the fuck cares?! The melody came out scrunchy and clispy!...erm...Crunchy, and clean!...yea that will work!

You know how many bands and various artists are starting to take a turn towards the Gaming Genre of music here lately? If you listen to a lot of the stuff in the Rock and Metal department, you can feel the Devil May Cry and Assassin's Creed style of synths, strings, lines, etc! You have to have a sharp ear for these kind of things, and you know me...I have such an ear!

The flux in the beginning between speakers, then the dual audio bass kick REALLY caught my ear, then along comes the Lead, Drums, and good ole "chippy" sounds. Everything's flowing nicely in this piece. What more do you want? My size 11 combat boot to your nuts for being overly-hard on yourself? Geez man!

Keep this kinda shit pumping through your veins and outta your head, not to mention your fingers...and you'll do JUST FINE if I get you that which I mentioned in the Inbox fucker :P
*downloads and sets as ringtone*

Stellar as always mate.

If I had to offer constructive criticism, it would only be that the intro feels a little crowded to me. But I am pretty tone deaf, so I can be safely ignored :P

Burn7 responds:

I can definitely agree that the beginning seems smushed together. It's all being pumped through a single sound gate and I HATE IT... But as long as you liked it really I suppose that's good news :D

You'll hear no complaints from me bro, you nailed this without a doubt. Everything was blended perfectly and the techno was a great driving force that kept it all tied together nicely. If you do decide to make other versions, I'll definitely accept them with open arms.

I imagine this will stay on loop for quite a while, thanks for all your efforts Burn :3

Burn7 responds:

Well I was actually planning on doing another version... And then I discovered I completely saved over everything I had done with a blank file.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo as much as I wanted to make sure I could do a better version in the future, past me fucked that up royally.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it for what it is :D Happy to be of service!

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4.91 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2016
12:35 AM EST
File Info
6.8 MB
3 min 42 sec

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