{dj-N} Maelstrom

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I put some hard work into this. Please rate and review, and maybe some tips to improve. =]



Im gonna have this in my head now. The main synth gets kinda old after awile, add some different effects into it to make it move more throught the music. To me, thats like the main part. If your the main part in something, you want to move around right? Anyways, good job.

nice, but whats up with that bass beat?

the main lead(heck, i call it the mean lead, non bass thingies :P)is alright,
try listening to the track without the bass beats, and then try to add the bass carefully as slightly as you can :).
becuase near the beginning of the track the bass gets to much control off the mainlead, but as far as i can tell the ml is what needs to get on top, then around middle when the bass drops and a vox comes in, then the bass should go down a few notes.

heck, I ain't no expert in disecting music but thats what i can make up of it, i hope the explenation ain't to crappy and is understandable XD.

overall it's catchy(really, i've been humming that beginning tune all day long >_<)
it's good and clear.
and i always give high scores not only becuase the song rocks but also becuase over time 0 voters come who can't get good scores themselves and try to ruin other people's scores so there scores don't look that bad.
*smites 0-voters*

ps: when are you online(gmt time please, i live in belgium so time might be different >_>)?

phew, well that's the end of the review, hope it helped *somehow* :D.

dj-Nate responds:

That was long.

*Haha, that's what she said."


Lol, make a track called that, :P

oooo, i hope this can have a nice, climactic bassline drop in it. You know what i mean? the bass is like normal>up>normal>lower, after a certain point in the track, you could have the bassline completely drop like 2 keys (semitones? whatever, :P) and i think it'd be cool. I do however like that ultimate-bass nonsense break thing, lol, it was pretty hard.

XD nice job.

LOL, we should collab and call the track "Hardtastic" :P its an idea, ;)

dj-Nate responds:

Hardtastic it is.

Needs work onli in few areas

Needs work on:
-More bass if u can
-Think of a journey when you`re creatin a track
-Longer than 2-3mins(unless NG wont let you)
-Expand tracks from more than just loops
by all means use loops jus add more variety into `em

dj-Nate responds:

Fo rizzle my nizzle dizzle.

Good song

I like the bassline and the beat. The synths were alright. Where did you get that cheering sound?

This is catchy. I liked it. Change the bass though, it sounds too familiar. Mix it up a bit. Anyway, great song. Check out some of my stuff!


dj-Nate responds:

I shall.

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Nov 12, 2006
2:46 PM EST
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