Ghost in the Machine

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What's left when you take off your mask? Where can you find a soul? Memories... heart... compassion... judgement... what creates something eternal? Or does a soul die?


Thoughts while listening:

YAY! Another actual guitarist! And...uh...some weird sounds. Not sure what to make of this. Something Floydian about it. I really wanna kill the bit-crushed guitar. Some nice soloing there. Great blues sound to it. Very relaxed. Total silence at 2 minutes...almost 20 seconds of it...bit much...outro needs some volume.

Thoughts after listening:

Some good stuff:

-The song had some gorgeous bluesy moments in it, very reminiscent of early Pink Floyd
-You clearly either have some skill with a guitar, or have found some really nice samples. Either way, Ceevro approves of all acoustics!
-Great atmosphere here. I have an affinity for the melancholy, and this is wonderful in that respect.

Some improvements:

-The bitcrushed guitar is jarring. Try swapping it out with some light distortion and see if that doesn't sound better.
-20 seconds of complete silence can cause the listener to lose interest. I'd recommend putting...well...ANYTHING in there. Use some more experimental sounds, or even a low bass hum to make sure the listener knows you're still on stage!
-Check your levels. The total package here is extremely quiet. If you've got a 'normalize volume' thing happening, turn it off, so that it doesn't turn everything down to accommodate your loudest sound. You may also look at adding compression on your master track to pull everything to a more listenable volume.
-I really want some vocals in this. I know, I know, I really love instrumentals. But the atmosphere could be opened up a little more with even a couple lines of sung poetry. Give it some consideration.

Overall, this was an enjoyable listen. I'm not sold on some of the experimental sounds that seem...just...stuck in there because you could. Every sound should add something to the track, not distract attention away from it, as a rule of thumb.

3.5/5 R4R


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