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Retrograde Meanderings

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Author Comments

Ah, yes! The tried and true holiday known the world over as Pixel Day. That longstanding celebration of all things old school. That--wait, what? This is a totally new thing, you say? I see. Well then...


Pixel Day! That brand spanking new Newgrounds holiday cooked up by RealFaction and endorsed by the estimable Tom Fulp in the year twenty-sixteen. An idea whose time has finally come at long last! And...

You know what? Just enjoy the music. Allons-y!

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Wow, this is pretty awesome! It's kinda calming, actually. Did you use magical8bitPlug3, by any chance? I feel like I can hear it in there.

Good luck this year! I hope you place - I'd be happy to lose to you. :P

- Evilgrapez

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks a bunch, Evilgrapez! ^__~ As for what was used here, most of the instruments are from Peach and pooBoy2, as well as a little Triforce square and Toad for percussion.

Really glad that you enjoy the sound. Just checking out your Pixel Day submission now. Cool little made up holiday-like thing, huh? I dig it. Shoot, I'd be happy to lose to you, too. xD Best of luck!

~ ChronoNomad

Aw heck, this is gold. I'm not even gonna make anything for pixel day anymore.

ChronoNomad responds:

Well, shoot...thank you very much for such an incredible compliment, but--c'mon! Don't deprive the world of a larrynachos original Pixel Day track! The more the merrier, don'cha know. :D

Of Course...Another obvious winner for Pixel day... -_____-

ChronoNomad responds:

I, um...not entirely sure how to respond to this, but...thanks? ^__^;

I certainly hope that my track is a solid contender, but if Newgrounds contests have taught me anything, it's that there's no such thing as an obvious winner. Ever.

I would just put a tiny bit less reverb on the synth at 23 seconds in, but not by too much, it's a nice effect. This is a really pretty track. This reminds me of something I heard in the original Legend of Zelda game but I can't think of what! It's really pretty though. I love the stereo effect you have going here with that one synth, rotating around the place. This is very creative, and reminds me also of harpsichord pieces as well as organ pieces, with more. This is freaking awesome.

I kid you not, because it's a chiptune contest in the audio section, this will probably be a harder contest to judge than AIM or NIM. I've heard some great stuff so far, this being one of them. Good job!

ChronoNomad responds:

Hey, thanks for offering up such a sweet review, RealFaction! I'm really looking forward to the impending smorgasbord of retro goodness. Heck, there are already just over half a dozen audio entries with two more weeks to go, so yeah...it's gonna be a tough decision making process.

It's funny how it reminds you of something from The Legend of Zelda, but you can't quite put your finger on what. I'd had the exact same thought, actually. Several of the instruments are from the Peach and Triforce VSTs, so I guess that's not really too surprising. Whenever I listen, it reminds me of a bunch of different old school games, so it's got a really high nostalgia factor for me.

I'm pretty stoked to hear that you find the track so enjoyable! With any luck, Tom and whoever else ends up joining the judges' panel will dig it, too. Goodness knows it was a blast to make. Thanks again for the feedback! Very much appreciated.

Ugh, once again there are some zero-voters hanging around, I see :(

I think that this track is great! It actually reminds me of pokemon games, to some extent! But other than that, it quite naturally, reminds me of old RPGs. The melodies here are so nice! They really speak to me. I would love to play a game that featured this music. The chord progressions are awesome too o.O The transition at 2:00 is brilliant.

You too, manage to layer several melodies on top of each other, which I can really appreciate. I like the sound design, and the mix is very clear to me. It's impressive that you're able to bring forth so many emotions and atmospheres, using the sounds you used. You've very good at harmonies too. I think this is probably one of the best songs I've heard from you! If you would've submitted this against my track in the NGAMD, I have a feeling you might very well have won, to be honest XD

You don't have too much repetition either, and you constantly make sure that the track is interesting. You build up tension, and you release it at the right moments. I would've loved if this track would've been even longer! But as I got to listen to 3 minutes of awesomeness, I guess I can't complain too much...

Splendid work with this track :)

ChronoNomad responds:

Yeah, I was hoping that the plague of zero bombing wouldn't infect 2016. No such luck.

Pokémon games, eh? I wasn't thinking about those at all when I was working on this, but I can totally see the similarities. For me, certain sections and note progressions brought to mind a lot of the older Final Fantasies, especially IV. I'm overjoyed to hear that you enjoy the melodies so much! I haven't really done anything in the chippy style for quite a while, so this was a heck of a fun throwback for me. So you dig my little key change transition at the two-minute mark? Excellent! It's no fun to just move up the scale without a bit of flourish, after all. :3

You said it, man! Plenty of melodies going on here, that's for sure. I wanted to create a truly harmonious palette of sound, especially since I was working with such a mixture of old school instruments. I used just seven different instrument sounds, and one only comes into play for a very limited time. An eighth slot was taken up by my percussion VST. That's it! I mean sure, it's more than the old 8-bit games had, but I didn't want this track to sound too thin.

I must admit, it is decidedly awesome of you to say that this is one of your favorites in my repertoire. You think this could have won over your track in the NGADM? Hmm.... I'm not so sure, but wow--what a compliment! Right nice of you to say. :D

Yeah, there are just a couple of motifs that get repeated, but even those are expanded upon in some way, and there's always something different in the note progression. I suppose that's why I ended up having almost 90 patterns in the end. I was originally thinking it would end up being an even shorter track by a good half minute, not to mention a loop rather than a fully hashed out song, so I'm pretty happy that it ended up being longer than I had initially surmised.

Many thanks yet again for another sterling review, LSD! Your feedback is always appreciated.

Credits & Info


4.20 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2016
8:36 PM EST
File Info
7.2 MB
3 min 10 sec

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