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Here's a pretty ambitious song that took many many hours to finally render and put on here. I'd probably end up really hating this song if I spent any longer on it!

I haven't used lots of guitars in a song for awhile because I feel like it's a difficult sound to replicate with just software, especially rhythm guitars. I can't really do many of the interesting techniques that real guitarists use so it ends up sounding a little boring.

Kontakt Factory library strings in the beginning, the rest of the song used strings from the Titanic 200 GM/GS Rev 1.2 soundfont
Oboe, bass and horns also from Kontakt
Organs from Kontakt Vintage Organs, Ravity S, and Camel Audio Alchemy
Guitars from Shreddage
Synths/keyboards from Camel Audio Alchemy and Ravity S
Steven Slate drums


Your creativity here is very subtle, yet powerful. The small section of 3/4 you get into before the organ is introduced was a nice surprise. The chord progressions, to me, sounds both extremely familiar and totally original. Now, I'm personally not really into guitars at all, but the way you weave them through these semi-unorthodox progressions really hits with me, so I'm not educated enough to understand how real they sound. I think they fit nice with the genre especially anyways; where instruments don't have to be fully convincing. This piece has some real video game character to it; would work very well as a final battle theme. Nice work here!

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ILG924 responds:

Thank you, that means a lot coming from someone as creative and talented as you. I know I won't get a 100% convincing sound from software, but I'm glad you think the guitars fit nicely in this. I guess that's one of the benefits of this genre of music, real instruments are just a bonus.

Also, I don't know if you heard my last song, but all the interesting effects in your music influenced the bit crush effect I used in that song. I really like your compositions

I was going to leave a review when you first posted this, but my brain was just fried last night.

I know what you mean about the difficulties in producing a convincing guitar part, though any instrument that gets put into the foreground like that can suffer from that issue, especially when it comes to solo writing. I think the challenge of writing around the software limitations is a good one for the brain, and it'll always be a factor since having every instrument you want on standby isn't always possible. I think your writing is good enough to stand out despite perhaps not having the little "extra spices" you'd like.

I think Shreddage is going to be a nice upgrade for your future writing, though. I remember it being very flexible from the short period of time I got to use it (probably the best guitar VSTi out there atm). I can still tell it's not a real guitar, but you'll probably find ways to make it more convincing in the future. As it stands, this will please most people. The tone of it is pretty nice. What was the amp sim you were using? Guitar Rig? I also like the use of Shreddage with SS Drums. They've always been pretty compatible, in my mind.

At 0:32, the first few notes of the guitar always remind me of "Collective Consciousness" from MGR. I think it may just be the character of the drums being similar, I dunno lol. For the rest of the song, however, it sounds much more Sakuraba-ish, like your other battle works (a quality I really enjoy). The use of the guitar to double the solo at 2:22 reminds me of the demo zirconst made for the product. Speaking of that solo, I originally didn't like the organ lead right there, but it's been growing on me as I re-listen to it. The organs throughout all add nicely to the piece.

I really like how you've written it. The parts all come together nicely, and it's very progressive with a lot of quick changes that keep it interesting. The time you spent on this one shows! Gonna have to favorite this one! :)

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ILG924 responds:

Hello Deemo, I'm glad you liked it

You're right about it being difficult to make instruments sound convincing when they're in the foreground; it's a lot easier to pick out the flaws in a realistic sounding VST compared to the obvious synthy sounding ones. Shreddage is the nicest sounding guitar VST I've heard, very flexible. I find it hard to make a nice sounding pinch squeal though, but maybe I'm missing something. I used Guitar Rig for the guitars, along with a few synths. It has a ton of effects, useful for pretty much any instrument, it's great.

MGR's the only MG game I never played through, but I do remember it having some interesting music, I'll have to pick it up sometime.
Also, you're not alone in not really liking the organ sound. That along with the synths at the beginning were something I wanted to change, but that didn't occur to me until 17 hours into this song! The mix was mostly done by that point, so it would've been like untangling a bunch of wires to try and change them. I also find it kind of hard to imagine any different sounds after hearing them for so long, would've taken awhile to find the right sound so I just decided to finish it up and render it.

It's nice to hear that all the parts fit together. I like to write off my lack of knowledge of song structures as it being progressive (even though it'd only take a few minutes to research), but progressive music being my favorite genre, I find writing what comes naturally is working fine so far. I remember scrapping three different sections in this, and I also forgot to save a melody that I wrote for the guitar lol.

Thanks for the review, it's appreciated!

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