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Been writing this song for the past three weeks. I planned on making this in the same style I made 'Winter at the Castle' and I hope this music touches somebody at least.

I was inspired by a certain girl I know who is pure and noble as the title suggests.

Anyway I hope that we all will find someone who is noble and worthy of our honour -- someone who needs a hero.


Wow...I can see how this was considered for the 2016 Olympics...this is pure brilliance...I hope you go on to do amazing things :) ~S~ <3

Bosa responds:

Thank you very much! I hope so too!

Ur the greatest artist on NG, i hope you never stop making music. You sre truly gifted. In ways i wish i was! Thank you for this amazing song <3

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Bosa responds:

No - thank you for the excellent feedback. I truly appreciate you taking the time to listen and speak your mind about the music! It's people like you who keep me going as a composer.


The arrangement of those horns is just...mmmm. The big swell in the middle was amazingly satisfying, and overall it's right on par with your exceptional quality of work.

The one nitpick I have is that the percussion seemed rather shallow, while much of the other section's instruments had lush reverb. The percussion seemed dry comparatively.

Overall though, it was as stellar and beautiful as it was short and sweet.

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Bosa responds:

I did not notice that about the percussion, as it was made in the same studio with the same reverb. It could be a technical difference, my mic positions, or just the sound of percussion ... I'm not sure what's going on there.

Anyway thank you for your observations. I hope to continue making music that inspires and motivates others.

it was ok

Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir.

What a powerful piece of music! This is what I would imagine hearing at a climax (of the happy kind) in an emotional movie :D The emotions remind me a bit of the second half of Lugia's Theme (but with some love thrown in), which is a very good thing. If I had heard this in a movie, I wouldn't have thought twice and realized that it was someone on Newgrounds who made it, but I would've thought it was just a very good soundtrack composer. The dynamic work, the harmonies and instrumentation are just great; the whole piece feels very real. Easy favorite :)

Wonderful job, dude!

Bosa responds:

You are too kind, Lucid. I wanted to express love and heroism in the music. It really helps me when I read that my music has appealed to people in some way. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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