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Sunny Day

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A short, simple little track based off of a chord progression that I made up a few years ago when I played more guitar than I do now. I didn't change anything about aside from making it in MIDI, speeding it up a bit and using Sytrus rather than a guitar - it was never that long. If I find inspiration to extend it, I'll probably do so, but it's finished for now.

Do me a favor and don't listen to this on speakers/headphones that don't play the bass well (like my laptop's non-speakers). You'll only hear chords and claps if you do, while the kicks sound much better and the low synth is actually audible in my good headphones.

(To clarify, this doesn't really sound like DnB, but it's 220bpm and wouldn't really fit in any other genre.)

Update: upped low end, quieted the whole track down a bit. Hopefully it worked - Newgrounds is bad with caches.

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Interesting, and fun chord progression, but there's a lot of what sounds like perfect octaves and perfect fifths moving around, which generally doesn't feel great on tracks with leads sounding as if they could be a duet. It's late; not sure how I can better put that into words.

Velocity and modulation really could have brought out your chords here. As is, it sounds like slamming your hands on the MIDI keyboard -- coincidentally with pretty chords. The notes bleed together pretty badly. I would try for shorter decays and releases in addition to velocity and modulation. It kinda sounds like happy-go-lucky ukelele music. I've never been one for that sort of stuff but it has its place.

The kick and claps didn't bother me much, but I feel the leads buried them a bit. Would have been nice to see some hihats and crashes possibly, or even cymbal rolls, reverse cymbals, etc.

Overall, it was a fun listen but could use some serious check-up on the post production. Sounds like a demo in its infancy at this point.

If you've got another review request, I'm finally at the point in my life where I feel myself enough to enjoy that sort of thing. Lay 'em on me. :)

Hallow responds:

Haha, this is AGES old, from back when I had no idea how to produce and was just a former guitarist experimenting in FL Studio's demo. If I revisited it to flesh it out I would certainly have done pretty much everything you mentioned.

The "happy ukulele music" isn't far off - as I said in the description, I originally came up with the chord progression on guitar.

I believe in being brutally honest with reviews so let's delve right in!!

Firstly, the title fits well. It's happy, bright and cheerful. I guess all those words all kinda mean the same thing, but whatevs. I like the sound. It made me smile I'll admit, but it can be a little grating. It's really short, but still seems drawn out and doesn't really do much. Regardless, I like your style, so I give you 3 stars. Three stars is good by the way. Some people get angry when they get 3 stars and I don't know why. Anyways, good job :-)


Hallow responds:

I'm glad you think the title fits. I'm terrible with creative titles. :P
Speaking of the grating, I'm about to upload a new version which is a little quieter - if that's the problem, great, if it's just the synth, sorry, I can't open it again because demo versions are terrible. :v
I'm fine with the three stars. Five implies excellence, so I'm nowhere near that with this short, repetitive (and somewhat drawn out) little thing.

R4R again, and glad to review a good guy who reviewed me as any producer wants to :D
Well, I gotta say your drums are pretty awesome, it stands out over the rest of the song, pretty catchy tune too! Maybe I need to hear a bit more the bass, my speakers and subwoofer don't lie ;P. Maybe 1-1,5 dB more might give it a funky feeling. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the follow too ;)


Hallow responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll up the bass and attempt to reupload (sometimes NG doesn't actually change the file).

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2015
2:55 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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