Possible Conclusions (EP)

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Life may have a lot of possibilities, but just one conclusion.

Possible Conclusions is an experimental EP concept.
It consist of 4 tracks joined by transitions between them. Total time : 14:14. Content :

a) Act and Consequence
b) Possibility Nº 1
c) Marionette
d) Possibility Nº 2
e) A.m.y.
f) Possibility Nº3
g) Eternal Comedy


Made using FL Studio and Acid Music Studio.
Vsts, synths, soundfonts and plugins used :
Ardency, Sytrus, DX10, Emily, Voc-one, Waldorf, FL keys, Harm, Mr.tramp, CS-piky, Spookeys and Ozone.


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Good listen, very nice chill music. Thanks for uploading this very good track :)

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LexRodent responds:

Thanks for listening. Glad you enjoyed it.

Great song. Very Mysterieus haunting melodies. You could've done a little more with effects. Some of the instruments sound a little dry to me. Like the drumkit could use some more prossessing. You could've used some rolling reverb or echo here and there to spice it up. I like how this song appears to tell a certain story.

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LexRodent responds:

Thanks for taking the time to sit through this.
I have to admit I still have a hard time finding the right amount of reverb and processing on my stuff, specially on drums, this feedback will be another step to get there. As you noticed, on this track(s) I tried to make some sort of storytelling.

i listened to all of it. this is cool

sounds like runescape

LexRodent responds:

Thanks for listening.
I wasn't aware of runescape until now, and after listening to that music, I consider this a great compliment.

Here at Act and Consequence, and your drums sound good -- except the hat needs some modulation. It really sticks out. This seems quite the morbid piece -- like the aftermath of a murder. Your composition is strong in the theory, if a little predictable once we start the falling progressions. Predictable, however is not always a bad thing. I feel as if there is something missing from this act melodically at the chorus. Like some buildup that stops right before the actual climax. Could be the organ not standing out as the lead in my ear.

Moving on, outro was nice. I sense we are at B. The melancholy theme and delay play as it sounds is serving well. Loving the drumset introducing melody. Very dark carnival sounding stuff here around 4:20. Your progressions do not disappoint. Clearly you are quite talented in transitions as well. The accordion-banjo sounding synth that I can't put a finger on at first seems out of place, but upon its second entrance, I realize this is because the attack sounds approximately the same on every note. Bass solo is excellent. Crashes and rides were sticking out a bit though. Modulation is your friend! Drum solo is also very well written and we arrive at our chorus shortly after. I quite like this piece. Outro is well executed again.

We seem to be playing with the same chords with each transition. Excellent stuff here.

And here we are at e, I believe. Effects on the drums here were very appropriate to lead in with, however what sounds like a deeper cymbal, two hits, was jarring due to sounding less reverbed, somehow. Less metallic is what I'm going for. Pay very close attention to cymbals in a space. They stick out so much without any help from a momentarily untuned ear. This being said, I also feel as if there is something melodically missing here. Makes for very good studying music, however -- or cinematic music.

Final transition here. This one was slightly jarring when it came in due to the attack of the synths, but once it was there, it was cleverly written. The sample caught me offguard. It fits the track well, however.

Drums come in and we are at our slower finale. Definitely getting the vibe of people being ridiculed on stage -- or just people laughing at others. I'd say you accomplish your goal well. This one is short enough that I don't feel something is missing, and the outro is nice. Laughter ends a smidge short of the bass, which wouldn't have grabbed my attention were it not such a quick fadeout.

Overall, your pieces stand together well, and the presentation is pretty fabulous. It was a pleasure to listen to. I do not know if it would have kept my interest if I hadn't been consciously reviewing during the listening process so as not to lose place. Listened to it once full through and spot checked where I made marks. Review is largely unedited so you get the full picture as I went through the piece.

Thank you for the request. A for effort, and A for content. Great listen. :)

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LexRodent responds:

Thanks a lot for this highly detailed review.
The hats and cymbals are the part I had more doubts about, I lowered it's intensity, but I wasn't sure if it was enough, now I know they need some extra work, which I'll do asap, as well as double check all the details pointed. Nice to see you caught the "essence" on every "part" and the transitions intentions (which are indeed 3 variations on the same theme). You too deserve an A for such a good review. Thanks again :)

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Dec 15, 2015
2:37 AM EST
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