The Bangtastic House

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A thick, sexy bassline to pump your house, very similar to having sex with a hot chick :)



'Ho shit. By far this is some of the better shit I've heard as far as the genre goes.

For one, I really like how it kicked in. I can totally picture this being spun at a club with some fat bass and people getting their dance on. And when the beat variated with that kind of gargly trance swell effect... sick.

You know how to spin House, and damn well at that. Good job, and keep up the great work.

Nice job :)

Real nice job, with only one advice from me. Try to use different limiters to every layer, so the sound is more clear. For example - you don't need the mid and high range frequencies of the bassline, so just block them out with an equalizer or smth.

Off topic about FL... I did and still do all my stuff with it and I'd say when you get to work a long time with it you can create some really incredible music. Actually I think it's even more powerful than Reason, because it's easier to use and learn. Reason has a little bit more pro sound and looks but besides that it's not anything that better than FL. In fact sometimes the "pro" factor of a program is a bit more an obstacle than an aid to creating better sound. I mean take a look at Reason's interface. OMG it's so hard and annoying to try and get used with (I tried and I couldn't) that it's almost enough to give up. But that's my opinion. Maybe before, in the past, Reason used to be better than FL, but now the two programs are equal.

That was a long off topic :D

Anyway, keep up the good work. Oh... one more advice. Why couldn't I hear any high hats in the loop? I think you should put some. It'll make the beat fresher. Peace.

Erectronik responds:

Thanks for the constructive review, err review of FL and Reason? Lol, anyway I don't think I have ever removed the mid EQ from bass sounds, personally cause I like the fatness it adds to the bass synths. Well the reason you can't hear the hi hats too well, is that they've been effected a bit, and mixed up a bit with some other effected percussion, next time I'll try to add some uneffected hi hats I guess :)

And Reason's interface is intimidating I agree, and limited at times (no VSTs) but I actually reWire Reason with FL, and it's the ultimate sequencing combination, you can have the best VSTs used in your track, and very creative sound re-routing and drumwork in Reason


Yuri Se says "Great Job" ^^

Haha, sup J. I remeber when u were still making this song and kept sending me half backed copies of it XD. Sounded great from the begginning. I know u spent a lot of time and hard work making this song so hats off to you. Now it was #1 on newgrounds, and it looks like ur getting a fanbase here too lol.
See if u can scrounge up some of my old shit that i made and work wit it 2 ^^, id like to see some of my stuff on newgrounds but i wont be able to post it myself cause i had to format my PC ;_; and lost all of it. So if u find anything, feel free to take it and make it better and finish it (since most of my songs were half to 1/4 completed anyways ^^). Also, thanks for making Music for my Flash animations all this time, u should put some of those tracks up on newgrounds 2, i think i even have some old ones on my PC, ills end em to u.

Erectronik responds:

Lol I only have my laptop now :( sorry, and my old 1998 computer threw out in the garbage (so obselete). Lol so I only have the recent songs I made on campus and last year, Thanks for the review man :), and post your flash on NG!


not bad

Hey not bad In fact I liked it it sounded like if you were in a techno Disco or something Good job!

Holy shit...

You weren't kidding when you said sexy. =D

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Nov 8, 2006
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