_-={The Spread of Chaos}=-_

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For the tribe RoBAC in Tribal Wars, one of the most difficult pieces i've produced! Enjoy!



Another great song again dude! I really enjoy this. Great melodies, like the other one. And they do have music in runescape now. But mine doesn't play...lol Can I add you on my friends list? Mines Gemini914.

Now, back to the song =) The choirs were great, they made this piece sound like somethings bad gonna happen. Nice snares and bells. Made the song uplifting and interesting. Anyways, nice job again maestro! Once my new song comes up, besure to review it! lol.


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MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you liked it Soundscaper, truth be told this song was a pain in the ass to finish. To have it finally off my chest is no small release of pressure from my end!

In any case, I invite you to add me on both AIM or MSN, both of which are in my profile (I think...). I would also like to ask you to pm or email me when your new song is up, I may miss it from the list and i'd like to know as soon as possible.

Thank you for the review!

first review!! :D

i hope no one takes it while I'm reviewing.... :P

Great toms there at the beginning. You might want to get those bells in tune though... or at least take all that reverb off them. I doesn't seem that much like a dark/gothic song.. Also there was a bit of a problem with the levels maxing out. A compresser/what not could do the trick. :)

The deep brass was a nice touch as well as the background choir. When the strings came in, you built up some complexity to the melody which I found very well done. Near the end, the delay on the toms stood out a bit more... you might want to ajust that a bit.

Overall it was really good, so don't take any of that negatively. Another enjoyable submission that would be great for soundtrack music, you never cease to amaze. ;)

Keep it up!


btw, what program do you use?

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MaestroRage responds:

Thanks Cornand! You bring up alot of good points, and truth be told this song was hell to equalize, I spent so much time on it, and then I sat up and said "YOU KNOW WHAT!!!?1?!1ONE!" and then just cleaned it up a tad and wrapped that puppy up.

I have... *cough*, three compressors X_x, in this piece. Yes volume levels need adjusting much? It's insane, I turned down the volumes globally, then as stuff was modified they came out of control again, compresser after compresser, filters were thrown on the low end to keep the frequency range stable, some soft clippers applied through SoundForge to try and keep the distortion to the miniumum...

The basic image of this song was that of an army marching slowly, so that you make them out as they walk out from the horizon. They start charging and when the choir booms out, the fight begins!

I realize the toms delay effect was a tad irratating, it was there to emulate the image of the war drums over a large open field, the echo of war and so forth.

I do appreciate a constructive review like this, thanks alot Cornand, i'm glad you liked the piece ^^.

(To answer your question, I use Fruity Studio's with the following VST's (for this piece)

- East West Orhcestra Gold
- EthnoSphere
- East West Orchestra Silver (for the choir)

thats it I think...)

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Nov 7, 2006
4:18 PM EST
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