The Side Path

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Oh dear! You are not strong enough to survive in the field! There must be a way out..



I go to look for a piece of music for my animation and what do i lick and find on first!!!
The ONE!!!..................

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Bosa responds:

Ha ha! I'm glad you found this piece! Also, what's with all this morris code? This makes the second time I've seen ".............................." in a review today.


Nice piece. Interesting travel through several different textures.

Anyway, one thing I must protest. How pretentious can you be, not letting others know what instruments you used, as if you alone hold the secret to them? I know what instruments were used, by ear alone, and could very simply answer people's questions if I had the ability to reply to reviews on this song. You should do the same!

Anyway, keep up the music!


God damn that is a beautiful cello sample. Reminds me a bit of the theme from "The Shawkshank Redemption" at parts.

Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir. I believe I've heard of that movie, but I've yet to see it. I'll have to take a gander.


this is a pretty good track for the "press start" part of a video game haha.

Bosa responds:

Aye, I believe it to be an interesting track of sorts. Maybe it would fit there, maybe it wouldn't, yet I respect your review and wish you luck in the future.



Sorry, i'm not going to be constructive, this time.
I see a traveller. He's alone. Sometimes, a cart passes by. And then, he sees someone and panics. He's hiding behind a rock. As a bunch of horsemen is looking around, the traveller slips inside of a cart. He feels reassured, now. He arrives in a big living city and do some walk. Again, he sees one of these horsemen. This time, they see him. He's running away as fast as he can. Finally, he gets out of the city and spend the night on a hill. The next morning, he takes the road again. The sun is bright and the traveller feels it's going to be a good day...

PS: was that instrument at the end a koto or a shamisen or something? Would you mind to tell me where did you get this from?

Bosa responds:

Ah, it seems we have another one. I will give these answers at a short time. Yet, I will say that these instruments are all quite unique in their own way.


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Nov 7, 2006
1:44 PM EST
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