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Ain't Nuthin Sweet - Freestyle (Prod. Mophead367)

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Freestyle over Hallow's Eve Treats by @Mophead367

Off the top:


Nah, aint nothin sweet
I came from the background sound of the beat
The arcaic
Known as the life on the streets

I never had that fake shit
Never let it faze me
Never let it graze me up
I always had

So much pride
I puffed it up like the pastry
Fuck it
Wanna face me?

Would go toe to toe
And take blow for blow
Not a motherfucking foe
(who) ever knocked me out yo

Never went up down
and walked the dog
Like some of that yo yo
Slob talk (Fuck that)

I'm slippedWith the Lidderin Rickets
They acting like
the gonna take me out
Like the wickets in Cricket

But I deliver it with
So much dope in the goods
That they couldn't handle it
Congested in t he hood

One time for the mind
That always stayed on the grind
You find that I had the
Words for G Defined

Hund wit a group da
Used to be the booster
But I never would get used ta
Being called a Gook of a N****r

But I would deliver
The sorta words that you needed
To hear the heathens
When they speakin - Tellin bout the treason

On another adventure
Runnin through democracy
Hipocracy, despotically,
Come through

and toppin the MC
to try to test the best
Lemme show you what its like
When you got truth in the vest

Under the lung in the chest
The Iron, Hold when you spit it
Listen to these Litterin Riddicks
The way they should quit it

Need to Shut The Fuck Up
S - T - F - U - son
St. Fu will come through
And leave these Cunts undone

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I looove your accent, Aussies represent!

I get that this is a submission for a Freestyle Friday Session, but I feel your cadence could be a little more on point.

If you were to work on that, possibly over another one of my beats (self-promotion whoring, teehee.) I think you could turn out to be a pretty dope MC.

What's 'Like the wickets in Cricket?'

I know what Cricket is, but what's a wicket?

Also, any ideas on how one would go about learning how to play Cricket here in the US of A?

8/10 4/5

Keep at it and you'll go far!

SucoVidya responds:

Wickets are the vertical sticks that you must hit with the ball to strike someone out.

I'm workin on a little something for the Cold Ran Track.
Your sound is very much in my personal listening taste.

If you'd like to learn about cricket im sures theres lots of vids out there like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEbOL09ACww dunno how good this one is tho.
Cricket is a drinking mans sport. because if you arent playin it, your drunk talking about how shit the players are.

Sick beat, and fantastic rapping!

SucoVidya responds:

Cheers, had to wait for go ahead from the author to up this one. Was a fortnight delayed.

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Nov 29, 2015
2:12 AM EST
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