Lament of a Forgotten Winter

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This is my very first original instrumental score that I have ever composed. Lament of a Forgotten Winter, the first track of my Elemental Consonance series, written for Bass, Cello, Piano, and Flute, portrays the forlorn feelings of deep winter when all the world sleeps watched by the melancholy Winter sky.
This piece was composed and arranged in Psycle Modular Studio with Samsara FabBass, Cellofan, mda Piano, and Sonatina Flute - without these vst instruments, this piece would not be possible, so Thank You to all of their creators.

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A nice track

Well it was nice hearing this because it did have that solid sound and love the instraments in this it was unique and different but also flowed well from one piece to the next and I was pleased with the outcome of it all

Much more longer indeed


Nice! I like the beginning in particular, suitable for the season, I can imagine the melody playing as I take a walk through the gray day, snowflakes softly flickering under the streetlights and an ashen sky. Feels it gets unnaturally bright towards the end though, instruments are nise and soft, but the sense of 'lament' seems lost as the voyage moves on... as the snow piles, brightening the world, turning the frown to a waking wonder? It's an interesting evolution, though a bit unfitting the theme I think. Anyway, it's a good tune! Keep it going.


Howdy! This seems like a pretty alright track considering your first go round. There are a few pointers that I'd like to lay on the table for when you hopefully try another piece the next time. <^_->

1. In the very beginning, the bass instrument sticks out a lot and doesn't really integrate well with the strings you have going on there. It's not that a bass couldn't work with strings (believe me, they do!), but the tone of it just sounds like it belongs in something a little more upbeat, like a jazz or rock n' roll track. What do you know about EQing? I think what would definitely improve it would be to just scoop out the mids and let the strings occupy that area on their own. Not sure how much that will help, considering the vst doesn't sound very high-end itself, but I think it would definitely be a start!

2. As for the strings themselves, it seems like you have them set to where there is a lot of attack. Attack is great, but too much can make almost anything sound like notes are being clumsily spliced together. It can have a very interesting effect in some areas, but I don't think that's what you were going for. To offset this, try adding some release to the vst. Release will give your notes more sustain after you, well, release them! It's generally a good idea to have strings with some attack and release coupled together, especially in slower-paced pieces.

3. That piano is waaaaay too dry and overall sounds like a poor quality vst. If you can't afford a decent piano vst or are unable to record a piano yourself, then the best you can hope for is experimenting with effects to at least mask the dryness of it. Reverb is a good bandaid for this kind of problem, but try not to go overboard with it, as it can make your instruments sound very muddy. Pianos have a wide range of dynamics, and that can be hard to translate onto a vst.

4. In pieces like this, there's a lot of variation and subtleties that spice up a mix and go a long way in keeping a listener from getting bored of a track. Try looking into adding some cool FXes and ear candy underneath the instrumentation, or variate the composition a bit more. Making the woodwind lead the only thing that is really changing throughout the piece is not enough, at least for me.

Hope that helps!

Bearhack responds:

Thank you for the review!

Rather than rambling on about how I didn't master or EQ the mix at all (I know, shame on me) or how Cellofan doesn't support legato sustain ("string bowing") and clips the release on prior notes when it retriggers the ADSR envelope on the next note, I'll just agree that you're absolutely right on all of your points. The problem lies in 3 places I'm thinking - My lack of mixing and mastering experience, strange artifacts peculiar to the free vst instruments(like the "click" of ADSR clipping with Cellofan, or that *really* dry mda Piano which doesn't fill the mid range like I wanted it to) that I chose, and lack of reverb to fill the gaps in the frequency spectrum. Thank you for your suggestions, you've identified areas I need to improve in order to make my music sound better :-D

Hi, liked the composition very much, there are just a few things that I think should improve. The mix is a bit off I think, especially the integration of all elements as one complete piece. Maybe adding more reverb too "glue" things together and carving the individual elements with EQ to make space in a mix? Piano seems to me especially "out of place". But that's just me :) Also, there seems to be clipping throughout the song, like you cut the tracks but didn't do the subtle fade-ins and fade-outs to remove it. Great job never the less! Looking forward to hearing more!

Bearhack responds:

Thank you for taking the time for your honest opinon! I will certainly keep your advice in mind when I master my tracks in the future :-D

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