Acid Rain

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Full description, part of me knew that.

(Hikari got me into FL)

-from hikari "I did nothing but teach.... don't think I'm thiiiis bad! LELELELELEL"


It's something... that's a start! Okay how can I say this..... I'm assuming you guys kind of just started because of previous reviews. Correct me if I'm wrong. This has some substance which makes it overall better, however it does not have that much development throughout the track which slightly makes it worse. You could have made it longer to improve that. It's okay, because now is the time to try different things in order to create a style for yourselves. I am still kind of new to making music so I am doing different things in order to keep from making my songs similar. So try something different for your next tracks. I don't always make the best reviews but hey, I tried. Names technically don't matter if your music becomes really good. In case you do want to change it you probably can find a way by contacting the NG staff. I'm just putting some points here based on all the reviews here and the track itself.

ok so... u 2 need some work... jk. it aint half bad. tho the ending is abrupt which is always a crap way to end a song.
if you are new to Fl then it can be a bit daunting and that's why imma gonna give u the benefit of the doubt...
I see a lot of harsh reviews on here that you dont deserve (I'm not saying this song is good, I'm just giving u the benefit of the doubt here). I think you have tons of potential and with some practise you could be very good. if you need help or have questions on how to music you can ask me. send me a message and ask some questions!

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TheTechnoBabble responds:

Thanks man, I am new to FL, this was my first major project, and I am glad that some people here are willing to be positive. Thanks for your offer, I might just have to take you up on that. You are correct on the abrupt ending, I will definitely smooth that out in future songs . Thanks again for your positive feedback.

So glitchy wtf happened. This could of been a good song but it sucks. You need work, both of you. And I agree with the guy below. I am sorry but this is a bad piece. No stars for you, better luck next time.

TheTechnoBabble responds:

To be honest with you I think it was your playback that glitched.

TheTechnoBabble is a really stupid username and you should feel bad for it.

TheTechnoBabble responds:

Love you man :D

Two clowns

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Nov 23, 2015
7:25 PM EST
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