Ambient Prologue

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I like to experiment quite a bit. So when I heard the light acoustic guitar in the intro to this video and the cute little voice talking about unicorns raising the moon I thought about adding some keyboard to the mix and looping the sound with a little reverb and some equalization (I think the video/game needs more audio equalization, the waveform was a nightmare to work with). Also, I recorded myself reading an abstract poem that I wrote. Enjoy!!

The Video:



I have a problem with your public display of affection
A chocolate Jesus in your mouth
An immaculate confection
Generosity has it's limits
I tested the limits when I played a game
I think that life is a game
Life is a game that can be lost or won
This is not a game
This is real life
I have a problem with your public display of affection
The Angels are playing
The Angels are bestial
Man desires to be the animal
Man is the animal
Man is the animal
Gentle animals
Generous animals
Dead and bloody animals
Corpses lying on the ground
Unused and uneaten
Man is the animal
I have a problem with your public display of affection
The gods are making love
Jealous, primal, wicked, beautiful
Smile and pretend that you're happy
Give me money and I'll make you content
I'll make you content for free
I'll make you think
I'll challenge your beliefs and values
Someday you will look back at this moment
And you will say:
"This is the best day of my life!"
"This is the best thing that ever happened to me!"
I have a problem with your public display of affection
I'll search for a way to make you cry
I'll search for a way to make you cringe
Happiness is a necessary emotion
Happiness is a useless emotion
You can't heal while you live in comfort
Denying every useful emotion
Denying every useful memory
Someday you will cry and sob
You will look in the mirror
Your reflection will fill you with fear
Understanding won't help you grasp the answer
You need to understand
You need to understand
Why you never became a dancer


Maybe if I were on acid... but I'm not, and it sounds like you've thrown a lot of random sounds and anime dialogue together. Not a lot of musical talent in this one.

ti-on-suxandrox responds:

It's experimental, it's meant to challenge you a little. Everything follows a consistent tempo (except for the dialogue loop which speeds up with every repetition) they're all simply following different tempos that align at different sections similarly to some of Meshuggah's songs.

Trust me, this does have a bit of effort and musical talent placed into it. The drums for instance were programmed by me, and the layers of keyboard were played by me. Just because it's experimental doesn't make it bad.

Thanks for your review anyways. It's nice to hear your opinion.

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Nov 19, 2015
7:03 PM EST
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