[Dubstep] Doe Paoro - Hypotheticals (TruNotFals Remix)

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I did this remix for a contest and I wanted it to end before I decided to upload it for you guys!! This isn't even going on my soundcloud, it's just for you!!!! I hope you enjoy!

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I like the beat at the beginning. The chopped up vocals came out sounding just a little bit...too choppy, though. The excessive rolls and panning was a little jarring and overwhelming IMO. Sorry. I liked the build-up you had into 1:03, but the harmonies you had with the vocals and synth melodies playing at the same time didn't really work for me. It was just a little too much to listen to at once, especially since both the synths and vocals at 1:45 (for example) probably deserve a little more...independence, so-to-speak. The piece is well-structured, smooth-flowing, and well-mastered, though. I'm not sure the transition into 3:10 quite worked for me, and the section at 3:10 itself also seemed just a bit too busy. The texture there was just overflowing, and the balance might've been a little off too. You had these roaring arpeggios playing over a luscious synth melody, while I thought it probably should've been the other way around. I also wasn't a huge fan of your rather abrupt transition back into the vocal part around the 4-minute mark, and after that there wasn't much of a coda to tie the piece together. It's pretty rough around the edges, I think, but overall there were a lot of individual riffs that I thoroughly enjoyed. In a way the main issue might boil down to just the opposite problem as that trance track I reviewed just a couple days ago: I think you tried to do too much in just a 4.5-minute long track as opposed to not creating enough variety in a 7-minute long one. As it is now, it comes across as a little hard-to-follow structurally and perhaps even incoherent at worst. Still, I like your style and the instrumentation. Still has a lot of potential in case you have a weekend afternoon to yourself. ;) Keep at it, man!

trunotfals responds:

Yea I've been meaning to revisit this, I tried something experimental with the part at 3:10, going into the triplet quarter note as the quarter note, a little tempo modulation, and I may have been too excited about those arps when mixing, and mixed them too loud, it was an experiment that I loved, but didnt translate well, but I do plan to revisit this, thank for the awesome review, I love when I don't uphold to my potential, you hold me accountable (: Don't ever be sorry for constructive criticism.

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Nov 4, 2015
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